Feathered Pipe Roots - A Mystical Intersection of People, Place & Spirit

Feathered Pipe Roots: A Mystical Intersection of People, Place & Spirit

The fabric of the Feathered Pipe is woven of a profusion of radiant threads of place, people, and spirit – all intersecting in sometimes unexpected ways, creating a wellspring that fostered and continues to nurture prescient souls in the communities of yoga, meditation, and personal growth. Beginning as the Holistic Life Foundation in the early 70s, Feathered Pipe Roots explore the other-worldly history and interwoven tapestry of one of America’s oldest and most revered institutions in the world of  yoga.

Tom Ryan: “More Than A Job, It Was A Love Affair”

With sun beaming through floor-to-ceiling windows of his treehouse-inspired abode overlooking the Feathered Pipe property, long-time Feathered Pipe Ranch caretaker Tom Ryan reminisces about memorable Montana winters, unshakeable determination and mishaps turned magic in this mysterious circle of life. Read More

Howard Levin: A Life of Service, Friendship & Hippie Dreams

Amy Stephan and Andy Vantrease sat down with longtime ranch manager Howard Levin in his one bedroom cabin, just past the Lake Tipi on the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, Montana. After quieting the Hindi tunes and shifting seats—away from the armchair that “wasn’t for sitting”—the questions begin. Read More

Lilias Folan & Marti Glenn: Holding the Light in the Midst of Darkness

"First Lady of Yoga" Lilias Folan and Marti Glenn, a powerful and dynamic duo who led retreats at the Feathered Pipe Ranch for 25 years, reflect on the gift of friendship with India Supera, the importance of creating space for women to show up as their full selves, and the lessons that continue to teach them to this day. Read More

Jananne Lovett: The Ultimate Earth Mother – India Supera

Whenever I think about Jananne nothing but love comes up in my heart and head. Our experiences together will always live in my memory. We did a cruise in 1984 called “Into the Arms of the Goddess” which we nicknamed “Into the Armpits of the Goddess” because everything that could go wrong went wrong. Read More

John Schumacher: A Lifetime of Yoga and Self-Discovery

Dear Friend John Schumacher reflects on his journey with BKS Iyengar, memories of teaching at the Feathered Pipe Ranch and the aspects of yoga and a lifetime of self-discovery. The Feathered Pipe was honored to host John along with Patricia Walden for a week-long retreat that became an annual reunion-like gathering. Read More

Dean Lerner: Gone to Feathered Pipe Ranch

"Gone to Feathered Pipe Ranch. Back in a week." was the message on the answering machine of George Purvis, an Iyengar yoga teacher based in Dallas, Texas. That was the first time I had heard of the Ranch.  Two months later, I found myself sitting in a welcoming circle with 17 other yoga practitioners.  Read More

Karma Tensum: An Affirmation of Our Inherent Goodness

Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation's Karma Tensum's life is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a potent example of the role that education—of the heart and mind—plays in our individual and collective liberation. Here, he shares passionately about his life experiences, spiritual beliefs and his hope for the future. Read More

The Feathered Pipe Ranch Stupa: How it Came to Be – VJ Supera

VJ Supera, inveterate world-traveler and elder sister of Feathered Pipe founder India Supera, shares the hidden story behind the origins of the Stupa at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Long a refuge for quiet meditation and nature-surrounding solitude, now we come to the significance of it all. Read More

Erich Schiffmann: “I am here only to be truly helpful.”

Erich Schiffmann is one of the most respected mentors and yoga teachers in America. The Feathered Pipe has been honored to host Erich's "Love-fest" at the Ranch for more than 20 years. Here, Erich talks about his 42-year career as a yoga teacher, his personal evolution with the world, and the prayer he brings with him wherever he goes. Read More

Since our inception in 1975, the Feathered Pipe Foundation – a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization – has been focused on the elevation of human consciousness. We recognize both the privilege and responsibility to nurture sustainable and holistic communities and preserve cultural traditions that embrace and inspire such inclusive philosophies.



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