Feathered Pipe Nature Deck: Open-air practice space immersed in Nature

The Nature Deck is an aesthetically and environmentally sensitive open-air practice space at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. It complements our iconic Main Lodge practice room, offering a nature-drenched practice space on weather-friendly days — and a bucolic site for impromptu group circles, outdoor meditation, and many other nourishing practices.


It All Began With A Dream

Feathered Pipe Nature DeckA blend of inquiry, creativity, and generosity gave birth to the Nature Deck. It was the same alchemy that for decades provided the inspiration for so many of the surprising sweet touches and amenities you’ll find tucked into so many corners of the 110-acre Ranch.
The summer of 2020 is one that none of us are likely to forget. It was the first season since 1975 that we canceled all our programs, creating both profound hardship and unprecedented opportunity. Without guests to host on the property in the summer, we had unexpected time to dream and brainstorm.

We knew how much our teachers and workshop attendees are drawn to the allure of our outdoor grounds. And we knew that the land, air, and sky of the Feathered Pipe wove an ineffable quality of healing and inspiration into time spent at the Ranch. The questions flowed naturally from that : “How can we increase access to and appreciation of all this? Is there a way to bring people in even more direct, unfiltered relationship with the healing elements of the land itself?”


The Feathered Pipe Ranch ‘Nature Deck.’

Feathered Pipe Nature DeckThe idea for the Feathered Pipe Ranch ‘Nature Deck’ was born late that unprecedented summer; with generous support from donors and good old fashioned resourcefulness and hard work, it was(miraculously!) completed before the snow began to fall.

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The 1028-square-foot redwood deck now rests on the western hillside above the lake. It affords an airy, often breezy, dappled shaded area with a 360-degree view of the most captivating features of the Ranch: the lake, the stupa, mountain ridges, and forest. A retractable shade sail canopy above offers protection from strong midday sun on those corners of the Deck not already shaded by trees. The Nature Deck is easy to access via a very short, groomed trail that winds upslope from the creek footbridge.

With your generous support, we reached our fundraising goal for the Nature Deck! Thank you from the depth of our collective heart for your belief in us. It’s a new day. Feel free to explore and donate to our other ongoing ‘good works’ projects here.

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