The Dandelion Effect Podcast: The Magic Of Living A Connected Life

The Dandelion Effect Podcast: The Magic Of Living A Connected Life

The Dandelion Effect podcast is a space for organic conversation about the magic of living a connected life. Just like the natural world around us, we are all linked through an intricate web, a never-ending ripple that spans across the globe. Here, we explore the ideas that our guests carry through the world, remember who and what inspired them along the way, and uncover the seeds that helped them blossom into their unique version of this human experience.

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Ode to the Feathered Pipe Ranch: Dandelion Effect Podcast Finale

Today’s podcast episode is the final episode of the Dandelion Effect Podcast as we know it. It’s an ode to the Ranch: the changes we’ve been through over the years, the gratitude for this project, and a chance to hear from staff, board members and family members, why they believe this little retreat center in the forest of Helena, MT is, in fact, a life-changing place. Listen Here

Optimistic Realism with Effie Baldwin

Effie Baldwin is a U.S. Army veteran, Positive Discipline Educator, Associate Member of the U.S. Golf Teachers Federation and the founder of Believing in a Better World LLC. She’s a self-proclaimed optimistic realist, a way of viewing the world through practicality and positivity, giving people and situations the benefit of the doubt. Listen Here

A Yogic Lens on Animal Conservation with Alison Zak

Alison Zak is an author, yoga teacher, environmental educator and anthropologist, and in her self-written bio, she also adds, importantly, that she is an animal. Alison has a long history connecting with animals, and when her primate studies took her across the world to Indonesia, she learned firsthand how nuanced the relationship can be between humans and non-human animals. Listen Here

Advocating for Youth Mental Health with Susan Reynolds

Susan Reynolds has over 20 years of experience in digital wellbeing, youth leadership and mindfulness. In 2019 she co-founded LookUp to discover, empower, and mobilize youth leaders who are taking action to raise awareness and design a healthier, more inclusive, and responsible digital world. Listen Here

Nature as the Antidote with Adam Schumaker

Adam Schumaker is co-founder of Gray Bear Lodge, a rustic retreat center in Hohenwald, TN, 80 miles southwest of Nashville, that hosts experiential workshops to promote growth, fulfillment and the joy of learning. He’s a certified Watsu aquatic bodywork practitioner, lifelong yogi and potentially one of the kindest people on the planet. Listen Here

Rising from the Segregated South with Dr. Helen Benjamin

Born in 1950, Dr. Helen Benjamin grew up in Alexandria, Louisiana, in the heart of the segregated south, when African Americans were forbidden by law to attend certain schools, restaurants, churches, shops and other public places. Helen speaks of her upbringing, how she found inspiration, community and love despite the bigotry that surrounded her family and friends. Listen Here

The Mystically Untamed Within Us with Stefanie Tovar

Stefanie Tovar is a healing artist, a singer, a yoga teacher, a racial healing facilitator—and so much more. Stefanie’s life experiences have led her to working in wellness, with a mission to lovingly disrupt the status quo of what it’s “supposed to” look like to be a part of this growing industry. As a Latina, she speaks of the importance of diversity in all healing spaces. Listen Here

Prioritizing Joy with Dr. Edie Resto

Dr. Edie Resto is a distinguished Chiropractor, Naturopathic Doctor and bodyworker. She is well-known and respected by people from all walks of life for her compassionate heart, wisdom and desire to help others heal. In this conversation, we talk about her early life challenges and the angels who swooped in teach her about service and unconditional love. Listen Here

Reclaiming Indigenous Food Systems with Danielle Antelope

Danielle Antelope is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and Eastern Shoshone (shu-show-nee) Nation. At only 26 years old, she serves as Executive Director of Food Access and Sustainability Team Blackfeet, known as FAST Blackfeet. FAST Blackfeet provides access to healthy and culturally relevant foods, nutrition education, and gardening/wild harvesting opportunities within the Blackfeet Nation. Listen Here

Creating Connection in the Workplace with Don Rheem

It’s a new era, and today’s guest Don Rheem sees this shift as an opportunity to bring more love and relationality into the workplace, to teach leaders and managers how to provide safe and secure work environments where employees can thrive, and as a result, business can thrive. Don draws on research based in attachment theory to understand human behavior, making the case that humans are biologically hardwired to connect with other humans. Listen Here

A New Narrative for Healing Autism with Kara Ware

Kara Ware has been on a 17-year journey with her son Zachary, who was diagnosed with Autism just before his third birthday. Her family is living proof that there is another way to approach this diagnosis–and that there’s a bigger red flag in our lifestyles and environment that is begging to be noticed. Autism is the canary in the coalmine. Listen Here

Beyond Bulimia with Lauren Lewis

Lauren and Andy get very personal, making space for Lauren to tell her story about her 15-year battle with bulimia, an eating disorder characterized by periods of binging and purging. This is the first time she has shared publicly about bulimia and the role it’s played in her life, as well as the first time Andy shares about her relationship to food, body image and a period of undiagnosed anorexia or food controlling. Listen Here

The Dandelion Effect Podcast Reviews and Love Notes:

-- “I listened to the podcasts with Allison and Danny last weekend and was so impressed with the work. I found the nature of the discussions to be incredibly graceful and informative. I’ve really come to understand better the mission of The Dandelion Effect. From what I’ve listened to so far, it’s absolutely based in a place of kindness, giving, and gentleness.”


-- “I am only 26 minutes into the first episode and I am loving it so much. Remembering that my body innately knows how to heal and that I am right where I need to be. Thank you!”


-- “It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast telling real stories of mindfulness making an impact on people dealing with real issues in today’s turbulent climate. It’s raw, it’s inspiring and I love it.”


-- “Wow! I just listened to my first Dandelion Effect Podcast, the episode with Sarah from Mooxli. I’m so f’ing impressed. You are phenomenal. Thank you!”


-- “I just finished listening to the podcast – in every way, fabulous. I learned so much – and got perspective on the overall big picture of mental health research (its importance, where the obstacles are) and so many other insights. WELL DONE!!!!”


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