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Feathered Pipe Yoga Retreats & Travel Experiences

Book your dream yoga retreat and mindfulness, health and wellness travel experience at North America’s finest retreat center deep in the heart of Big Sky Montana’s pristine nature. Feathered Pipe yoga retreats and travel programs suit every style and level of experience under Montana’s Big Sky — from hatha yoga, yoga therapy, Iyengar yoga, restorative yoga, vinyasa, bhakti yoga, yoga nidra, mindfulness and meditation, to shamanism and self-empowerment.

The Science and Art of Transformation: A Healing Journey through Personalized Medicine

Joseph Lamb, MD, Deanna Minich, PhD & Michael Stone, MD
June 13 - 19, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Come experience a journey through your health landscape; touring through your genetics, family histories, physiology, psychology, and day-to-day lifestyle choices. Join Functional Medicine thought leaders and clinicians Joseph Lamb, MD, Deanna Minich, PhD and Michael Stone, MD, for a 6-day healing journey through personalized medicine. LEARN MORE

Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen - Jungian Analyst Dr. Monika Wikman - Jungian Analyst

Women’s Wisdom: Summer Solstice Women’s Retreat

Jean Shinoda Bolen & Monika Wikman
June 20 - June 27, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Join Jean Bolen & Monika Wikman, acclaimed authors, Jungian analysts, activists and leading voices in women’s spirituality, on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, we will tune into womb wisdom, our connection to Mother Earth, moon cycles and the particular seasons of our lives, as the land provides the ‘alchemical vessel’ for our exploration, integration and growth. LEARN MORE

Rosalind Atkinson - Heart of Yoga

The Heart of Yoga: Caring for Yourself and Others

Mark Whitwell & Rosalind Atkinson
July 5 - 11, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

In a world full of commodified "yoga" and the proliferation of brands and styles, how do we make sure we keep the heart in Yoga? How do we practice and teach in ways that respect and recognize each individual as the unique expression of life that they are? Join Mark Whitwell and Rosalind Atkinson for a week-long soul immersion in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Feathered Pipe Ranch. LEARN MORE

The Mindful Unplug: Exploring Presence, Mindfulness & Sensory Perception

Mindful Unplug Guide Team
July 11 - 18, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Join us for the fifth running of the Mindful Unplug and reconnect with nature, your inner landscape, and the joy of community. This is a chance to reclaim your life, redirecting our individual and collective attention through mindful movement, contemplative practices, sensory awareness, and shared inquiry. LEARN MORE

Big Sky Bhakti Bliss: A Montana Yoga Retreat

Nat Kendall
July 18 - 24, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Are you ready for a transformative and inspiring yoga retreat deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains? Join Nat Kendall for six nights and seven days in paradise. Relax, de-stress and give yourself the gift of this all-inclusive yoga retreat where we'll dive into the healing practices of Hatha, Bhakti, meditation and so much more. LEARN MORE

Judith Hanson Lasater - Restorative Yoga

Letting Go: The Heart of Yoga Practice

Judith Hanson Lasater
July 25 - August 1, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

One of the most powerful teachings of the ancients is about letting go. All religions and spiritual traditions tell us to let go of our suffering, of the tyranny of our thoughts, of our constant judgments. Judith Hanson Lasater, Restorative Yoga pioneer and beloved Feathered Pipe friend, returns with a week-long retreat exploring the practice of letting go. LEARN MORE

Action and Reflection: Yoga and the Journey Inward

Marla Apt
August 8 - 14, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Through study of our actions on the mat, we develop the skills to balance our efforts, thoughts and actions with the reflective quality that develops discrimination and intelligence. Join senior-level Iyengar Yoga instructor and founder of Iyengar Yoga Therapeutics, Marla Apt for a week-long practice in the art of tuning in deeply to our own internal sense of direction and being. LEARN MORE

Baxter Bell - Yoga Therapy Melina Meza - Ayurveda

The Power of Nature 2.0: The Potential of Ayurveda and Yoga

Baxter Bell, MD & Melina Meza
August 15 - 21, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Experience Yoga for healthy aging and Ayurveda for deep healing with Dr. Baxter Bell and Melina Meza in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Feathered Pipe Ranch. With the amazing week that all experienced for the Power of Nature 2019, we decided to expand this perfect match with an upgraded 2.0 version! LEARN MORE

Lauren Walker - Energy Medicine Yoga

Energy Medicine Yoga: The Hidden Power of the Chakras

Lauren Walker
August 22 - 29, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Join Energy Medicine Yoga founder Lauren Walker for a week-long exploration of the hidden power of chakras. Embraced by the soft and immersive beauty of the Feathered Pipe Ranch, you’ll experience the depth of this magical system in a way that has never been taught before in modern yoga. LEARN MORE

Women’s OULA Dance & Movement Big Sky Retreat

Kathryn Gustin & Jamie Anesi
September 11 - 13, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Join Jamie Anesi and Kathryn Gustin for the 5th annual Women's OULA weekend retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch to dance, relax and celebrate being YOU in community at a beautiful Montana gem! OULA Fitness combines the depth and soulfulness of a mind-body practice with the carefree playfulness of a living room dance party. LEARN MORE

Neta Katz - Iyengar Yoga

From Outer to Inner to The Innermost: A Big Sky Iyengar Yoga Retreat

Eve Holbrook & Neta Katz
September 13 - 19, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Join New York-based Iyengar Yoga instructors Neta Katz and Eve Holbrook for a transformative week-long retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch! Nestled in the pristine Northern Rocky Mountains and surrounded by almost a million of acres of mountainous wilderness, Feathered Pipe is a magnificent, serene oasis in which to dissolve distractions, and nurture a deeper connection to yourself. LEARN MORE

Stacy McGInty - Dragonfly Dublin Yoga

Renewed Spirit: A Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Big Sky Montana

Stacy McGinty & Candace Harvey
September 25 - 29, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch

Join Stacy McGinty and Candace Harvey in Big Sky Montana for a 5-day yoga retreat to renew your spirit! For 5 days and 4 nights, Stacy and Candace will guide you back to this wholeness within you through a practice of yoga, meditation, journaling, hiking and self-care in the beautiful and serene, natural sanctuary of Feathered Pipe Ranch, just outside Helena, Montana. LEARN MORE