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Rebooting Healthy Connections: The Mindful Unplug Experience

The Mindful Unplug, launched in 2016, is the Feathered Pipe Foundation’s homegrown educational initiative sharing skills and practices to do just that.


Mindful Unplug - MindfulnessWe live in an age when we’re consuming and processing tremendous amounts of digital information daily. The information itself can enhance our lives. At the same time, the technology that delivers it and the tug to consume it can numb our senses and compromise the quality of our real-world connections. Feedback from our own bodies — along with the accumulated wisdom from neuroscience, psychology, and common sense — makes clear there is value in taking an offline pause to climb out of the digital quicksand.

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It’s one thing to “digitally detox.” A vacation can do that. But it’s something else altogether to step back into the world of noise and technology grounded, conscious, and equipped for a commitment to sustaining our own health. That’s what The Mindful Unplug is all about.

The Mindful Unplug Experience Retreat: Yoga, Mindfulness, and Sensory Experience

Mindful Unplug - Digital DetoxThe centerpiece of our initiative is a joyful annual weeklong retreat at the storied Feathered Pipe Ranch. We call it The Mindful Unplug Experience. It embraces the value of skills and practices that support being present to and intimate with life for the sake of its full flowering.

This easeful, heart-opening week under the spacious Montana summer sky is for anyone who lives in a noisy-busy world and senses that an opportunity for peace and quiet would do their body and soul a world of good. It’s for anyone ready to receive the gift of practical, life-affirming skills to move with greater ease through these times from a handpicked team of talented guides.

— Our fifth running of The Mindful Unplug Experience is happening next summer from 13 to 20 July, 2024. Come as you are. Absolutely no prior experience is needed with mindfulness practices, yoga, or any of the modalities offered during our week together. Learn more and register here.


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