Feathered Pipe - Mindful Unplug

The Mindful Unplug Experience: Rebooting Our Healthy Connections

Why the ‘Mindful Unplug’ Retreat?

Feathered Pipe - Digital DetoxThere’s a great deal of conversation about mindfulness infusing popular culture these days. Thankfully.

It’s a powerful and simple practice that fosters calm and quiet in today’s chaotic and noisy world and can be used anywhere, any time.

Meanwhile, we live at the dawn of a new age in human evolution where we’re consuming and processing incredible amounts of digital information daily. The information itself no doubt enhances our lives, but the technology that delivers it can also dull us. Feedback from our own bodies, the accumulated findings of neuroscience, and our own common sense make clear there is value in taking an offline pause. It’s time to reconnect with our truest selves, delete unnecessary life data, receive the rejuvenating and healing power of nature, and re-enliven our senses and creativity.

It’s one thing to “digitally detox.” A vacation can do that. But it’s another thing altogether to step back into the world of noise and technology grounded, conscious, and well equipped for a commitment to sustaining our own health, and an inspiration toward applying our heart and our intelligence for the common good. That’s what The Mindful Unplug is all about.

How do we pause long enough to restore and revive our five senses and go back to our everyday lives consciously?

Feathered Pipe retreats have been helping people slow down and reboot back to health for 43 years and counting. Our fourth running of The Mindful Unplug is on for summer 2019 from 13 to 20 July.

Who is it for?

Feathered Pipe - MindfulnessThe Mindful Unplug Experience at the Feathered Pipe Ranch is for anyone craving a chance to slow down and rediscover his or her own natural rhythm. It’s for anyone who lives in a noisy world sensing that an opportunity for peace and quiet would do their body and soul a world of good. It’s for anyone open to kicking back and relaxing for a spell, to laughing with new friends, to savoring solitude when that’s what the spirit seeks. It’s for anyone ready to receive the gift of practical, life-affirming skills to learn to be in today’s over-busy world in a healthier way from a talented and experienced team of teachers and guides.

Come as you are. It’s easy to be at the Feathered Pipe. Absolutely no prior experience with mindfulness practices, yoga, or any of the many modalities offered during our week together.

Join our hand-picked team of professionals in the fields of yoga, meditation, sight, and sound for a supremely relaxing and joy-filled week under the big and beautiful Montana summer sky to mindfully unplug and return to your digital world refreshed and rebooted. Learn more and register here.


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