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Feathered Pipe Foundation

Our Mission

“The mission of the Feathered Pipe Foundation is to help people find their direction through access to programs and experiences that cultivate awareness of their truest selves; enrich spirit, mind, and body; explore the world’s wisdom and discoveries; and actively practice seva (service) to support healing, education, community and empowerment.”


What the Feathered Pipe Foundation is About

Since our inception in 1975, the Feathered Pipe Foundation – a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization – has been focused on the elevation of human consciousness.  We recognize both the privilege and responsibility to nurture sustainable and holistic communities and preserve cultural traditions that embrace and inspire such inclusive philosophies.

We host yoga retreats in Montana and yoga tours around the world with master teachers whose styles encompass the full spectrum of specialties and emphasis, including yoga therapy, meditation, and much more. Every event we host is informed and embraced by the spirit and function of the Feathered Pipe Foundation’s core purpose – seva yoga.

In addition to offering mindfulness, wellness, yoga retreat and travel programs that encourage individual to live more mindfully and cooperatively, the Feathered Pipe Foundation supports and undertakes numerous humanitarian efforts that are at the heart of our mission. Through our educational programs and services we support the development of healthy communities on local and global levels.


Why “Feathered Pipe”

Feathered Pipe_300pxFrom the very start, and continuing to this day, our reverence for the sacred image and concept of the Native American feathered pipe inspires our name and guides our mission.

At the heart of the traditional spiritual beliefs of the White Clay are two pipes used when offering prayers to the spirits.  On August 1st, 1941, White Clay (Gros Ventre, or A’aninin tribe) historian Fred P. Gone, the superintendent of the Fort Belknap Indian reservation, recorded the retelling of Bull Lodge’s account of the Chief Medicine Pipe – known as the Feathered Pipe – by his daughter Garter Snake Woman.  That account, detailed in “The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge,” (Bear Claw Press, 1980) by Joseph P. Gone, describes one of the A’aninin peoples’ most sacred objects for rites and ceremonies, the Feathered Pipe, which was given to the Gros Ventre by Thunder Being.

One legend holds that when a tribe sought Spirit’s guidance on what direction to take, a feathered pipe was hung from a tripod.  The pipe pointed the way.  The Feathered Pipe Foundation has always been, and will always be, committed to facilitating and encouraging all those in the global tribe to find their direction.  Our privilege, our joy, is providing sanctuary for teachers to bring their wisdom and experience to others, collectively and individually turning to the guidance of the sacred medicine offered by The Feathered Pipe.

With deep reverence for the sacred Native American land on which the Feathered Pipe rests, we have contributed to the work late Cree elder Pat Kennedy in his efforts to reclaim and reinvigorate ceremonies of the Cree people that were in danger of being lost.  Bringing together tribal leaders with tribal members and the general public, peace encampments raised awareness of the rich ceremonial traditions that hold communities together in the midst of hardship.


We invite you to support our efforts to usher in a new season of humanity through a financial donation.

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