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Feathered Pipe Kitchen – Creative & Wholesome International Cuisine

The Feathered Pipe Kitchen is renowned for our creative and wholesome international cuisine. High on the list for why our guests return year after year, our kitchen creates feasts for the eyes as well as the body that remind us all of what is essential in life – good food, good practice, and good community.

A Recipe for Happiness & Well-Being – Laughing Water

As we chew our food, we also choose our future, Yet how casually we perform this miracle of transformation! The way we eat is the basis of how we feel, how we look and what we achieve. And perhaps more than anything else we do, it has profound ecological and social impact on the entire planet. Our food deserves out attention, whether our aim is to find health, save the planet or simply to experience gratitude. In any case, joy awaits us. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Kitchen: Pizza Margherita

Homemade pizza is fairly easy and enjoyable to make, as there are endless delicious toppings. The Feathered Pipe occasionally serves pizza on a busy evening like arrival day. Pizza is essentially a flat bread covered with various toppings, a method which many cultures and cuisines share and has been popular in the Mediterranean region for centuries. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Kitchen: Balsamic Roasted Vegetables

Balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs, garlic and honey provide and deliciously neutral flavor palate for roasted vegetables, so that they may be paired with many different entrées or eaten on their own as an appetizer, salad or snack. When I worked at the Feathered Pipe, we would often pair balsamic roasted vegetables with grilled meats, new potatoes, green salad and fresh corn for a quintessential summer meal. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Kitchen: Rustic Apple Pie

Apple pies are quintessential Americana cuisine and though delicious throughout the year, pies are a lovely summer dessert. When cooking at the Feathered Pipe, I generally needed to make pies in quantities, which can be time consuming. Instead I decided to make fruit pies similar the French tradition of galettes, a free-form rustic pie or tart, depending on the crust used. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Kitchen: Parmesan Orange Pecan Kale

Dark leafy greens are so often thought of only in reference to fall and winter, which is a shame because they lend themselves just as well to spring and summer dishes. Greens are a wonderful addition to most any meal, commonly served at the Feathered Pipe, and salads made of dressed dark leafy greens are a perfect side dish to summertime grilled meats and vegetables. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Kitchen: Cucumber Watermelon Slaw

When making a Thai inspired meal, as I used to at the Feathered Pipe, I frequently make a fresh slaw to add a refreshing raw slightly pickled element side dish or relish. Traditionally slaws are associated with cabbage marinated in dressing, as in coleslaw, but the slaw (from the Dutch word for salad) on its own can be used to describe any salad of marinated fresh vegetables and fruits. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Kitchen: Pad Thai

Thailand is an amazing country and Thai cuisine is just as amazing and delicious. My first introduction to Thailand was in the city of Bangkok as part of a wonderful Feathered Pipe trip with Rodney Yee on which we visited Thailand, Burma and Cambodia. I especially love the use of fresh ingredients and the particular attention to their intrinsic colors and flavors. Pad Thai, a popular dish at the Ranch, remains one of my favorite dishes and one I make frequently at home. READ MORE