Feathered Pipe Kitchen – Creative & Wholesome International Cuisine

Feathered Pipe Kitchen – Creative & Wholesome International Cuisine

The Feathered Pipe Kitchen is renowned for our creative and wholesome international cuisine. High on the list for why our guests return year after year, our kitchen creates feasts for the eyes as well as the body that remind us all of what is essential in life – good food, good practice, and good community.

Vegetable & Adzuki Bean Salad with Citrus Sesame Vinaigrette

A vibrantly flavored Asian-inspired salad  packed full of plant based proteins and antioxidants. This recipe features Adzuki beans, also variously called red mung, Aduki, or Azuki. In addition to the Adzuki beans this salad recipe also incorporates Edamame for a complete plant based protein. Read More

Beans Bourguinon – Feathered Pipe Kitchen

Beans Bourguinon is a vegetarian update to the classic Boeuf Bourguignon, made famous in the states by Julia Child. This is a simple braised dish with complex flavors built on lots of red wine and a bouquet garni of thyme and rosemary. Read More

Quick Kitchari For Spring Cleaning – Feathered Pipe Kitchen

Kitchari is a traditional porridge from India that is made with mung beans or dal, basmati rice, fresh vegetables, and seasonings. It is traditionally served as an infant's first solid food as well as an agni promoting staple within the five treatments of panchakarma that are within the wider practice of ayurveda. Read More

Bubbe’s Lokshen Kugel: Grandma’s Noodle Casserole

Lokshen kugel is a dish that originated in early Renaissance Europe and is associated today with the Ashkenazi cuisine of Eastern Europe. The basic ingredients are egg noodles, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar, and cinnamon, with the dish often being served as a decadent sweet main course or dessert at celebrations such as weddings and bar mitzvahs. Read More

Vegetable Korma – Feathered Pipe Kitchen

Vegetable korma, a braised dish with a yogurt based gravy originating from the Mughals, has many regional versions throughout India, but this vegetarian version incorporates coconut in the southern style. Vegetable korma is a delicious way of using up a variety of vegetables and can be modified based on available ingredients. Read More

Baba’s Baba Ganoush – Feathered Pipe Kitchen

Baba ganoush is a sumptuous, savory, creamy, and smokey dish. The basis of baba ganoush is just a few simple ingredients: roasted eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. The secret is to make sure to caramelize the eggplant in the oven really well as it is traditionally cooked over an open wood fire. Read More

Chili Relleno Casserole: Classic Feathered Pipe Ranch Comfort

Simple and wholesome ranch goodness. Hot and fluffy eggs, sweet and savory roasted green chilies, and some melty cheese makes me nostalgic for being a kid at grandma's kitchen table. This hearty protein packed casserole is a great dish for breakfast or brunch and will sustain you throughout the day's adventures. Read More

The much-requested and now out-of-print, original Feathered Pipe Cookbook is digitized and available for download and use to your heart and stomach’s desire. Donate $100 to the Feathered Pipe Foundation to receive your copy of the cookbook.



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