Feathered Pipe Kitchen – Creative & Wholesome International Cuisine
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Feathered Pipe Kitchen – Creative & Wholesome International Cuisine

The Feathered Pipe Kitchen is renowned for our creative and wholesome international cuisine. High on the list for why our guests return year after year, our kitchen creates feasts for the eyes as well as the body that remind us all of what is essential in life – good food, good practice, and good community.

Vegan Orange Cake à la Jacob Bradley – Feathered Pipe Cookbook

The best way to celebrate a birthday is of course by eating cake! India Supera's favorite Feathered Pipe dessert was the Vegan Orange Cake and we think you'll like it too. This summer Jacob Bradley perfected the recipe, making it week after week in the Feathered Pipe Ranch Kitchen to delight our guests READ MORE

Open Sesame: The local magic behind the FPR’s from scratch Hummus – Allison Radecki

After deeply reflecting on the role it played in its own community, the Feathered Pipe emerged from its fallow season with a redoubled commitment to obtain the raw materials for its meals from organic Montanan farmers. One dish that illuminates the “from scratch” difference is the Feathered Pipe Ranch's homemade Hummus, made from Montanan-grown chickpeas, sourced from Timeless Natural Food. READ MORE

Sam Wieland: Creativity, Cultivation and Dessert for All

Feathered Pipe’s new culinary director, Sam Wieland, began visiting the Ranch with his family when he was 8 years old. What began as a summer retreat from New Smyrna Beach, FL soon became a permanent residence and a chance for his creative genius to grow year after year. READ MORE

Cowboy Boots and African Roots: West African Yam Balls – Allison Radecki

Ah, Montana, land of Rocky Mountain peaks, whistling marmots and the sweet scent of West African yam balls, fresh from the skillet. Much to the amazement of some first time visitors, all of the above can be encountered while staying at The Feathered Pipe. And why not? America is a braid woven with indigenous and immigrant traditions. Why shouldn’t African food claim its place beside amber waves of grain? READ MORE

Classic Caesar Salad with a Twist – Heidi Goldman

I love a classic Caesar Salad just as much as I love a classic yoga pose. I also like to mix things up and add a little twist or a new prop to give a classic a little something extra. I’ve been making Caesar salad dressing almost as long as I’ve been practicing yoga, which, at this point, is about 45 years. And, just like my yoga practice and my teaching, this salad comes out a little different each time. READ MORE

A Recipe for Happiness & Well-Being – Laughing Water

The way we eat is the basis of how we feel, how we look and what we achieve. And perhaps more than anything else we do, it has profound ecological and social impact on the entire planet. Our food deserves out attention, whether our aim is to find health, save the planet or simply to experience gratitude. In any case, joy awaits us. READ MORE

Potato Pancakes – Feathered Pipe Cookbook

Potato Pancakes are a lunchtime staple at the Feathered Pipe Ranch and are served typically with one of our "Soup King" Mike Wells' famed soup improvisations. Potato pancakes and soup are perfect for a chilly, sweater kind of day, or with fresh salad greens during the sunny warmth of summer. Enjoy! READ MORE

Dharma Delight Ice Cream – Feathered Pipe Cookbook

In the Heartburn Sutra, it is said that the Dharma Delight Ice Cream is made only with natural emptiness. This recipe, which came neither gradually nor instantaneously after years of meditation and many dozen batches of ice cream, resembles the sutra's description in that it has no milk, no cream, no eggs, no sugar, no honey, no stabilizers, no preservatives, etc. READ MORE

Barley Vegetable Soup – Feathered Pipe Cookbook

For anyone who returns to the Feathered Pipe Ranch year after year, they know that soups have long been a lunchtime staple, with hearty and wholesome blends of vegetables, pulses and herbs that change from one visit to the next. Enjoy! READ MORE

Eggplant Parmesan – Feathered Pipe Cookbook

Eggplant Parmesan is a time-tested favorite at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. A rich and filling, vegetarian main course that leaves even the most ardent meat-lover satisfied and ready for dessert! Chocolate Decadence, anyone? READ MORE

Mystery Loaf – Feathered Pipe Cookbook

Mystery Loaf got its name from the fact that the basic mixture devoured a bewildering number of things in its path in quantities unknown. The recipe has been often requested never before given. The present conditions of mankind demands that it be revealed. READ MORE