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Work and volunteer opportunities at the Feathered Pipe Ranch

Thank you for your interest in work or volunteer opportunities at Feathered Pipe Ranch. The Feathered Pipe Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational foundation. Since 1975, we’ve been bringing renowned teachers and students from all over the world to participate in educational retreats in the heart of the forest at the little oasis known as the Feathered Pipe Ranch.

The Feathered Pipe Ranch is not just a place to work. It is an extraordinary place with a rich history, staffed by a team of collaborative and openhearted individuals motivated by a shared commitment to have a positive impact on the world. The work we do to take care of the Ranch and minister to our cherished guests is rewarding – but our culture offers our staff so much more:

Fresh mountain air, access to hiking trails and lake, and more.
Opportunities to participate in vital philanthropic work.
Strong team camaraderie that comes from a group of hardworking and cooperative individuals who enjoy being in the company of guests and colleagues who care deeply about bringing about a better world.

In short, working or volunteering at the Ranch offers the room and space for everyone to grow, connect, create, collaborate, and have fun along the way.

The retreats that take place at the Ranch each season (roughly from May-October) are the culmination of the year round work performed by the Foundation. As a seasonal employee working at the Ranch, you get to be a part of the excitement.

Important Information for All Work Positions and Volunteers:

Work and volunteer opportunities at the Feathered Pipe Ranch Seasonal work is from May – mid-October.
Schedule may change from week to week as we have a small staff and we all pitch in when needed.
Flexibility is essential because duties may periodically extend beyond the position description.

To Apply: Thank you for your interest. Please submit your information through our online job application form. If you have specific questions, inquire here.  We will reach out to those who best meet our qualifications.





Do you have a little time on your hands and would like to contribute to a higher cause through service? Feathered Pipe welcomes your generosity in donating your time doing what you do best. Recently, for example, volunteers have helped us in areas such as, gardening, finding and writing grants, and offering business consulting services. These are highly skilled people who are volunteering their time and it is heartwarming and helpful! Volunteers could assist with off-site remote work or on-site work such as cleaning, weeding the garden, or clearing trails.

If you have a skill you’d like to offer to us on a volunteer basis, please submit your information through our online volunteer inquiry form. Please note: we are not always in a position to accept all volunteer help that is offered. Inquire here.




Seasonal Work Opportunities:

Guest Relations

Work and volunteer opportunities at the Feathered Pipe RanchOne of the primary reasons for the Feathered Pipe longevity and revered stature within the health, wellness and yoga community of America is the sense of ‘coming home’ our guests feel when they visit the Ranch. The warm and easy going demeanor of the staff paired with our attention to our guests’ comfort is what makes all feel welcome and desiring to return.

If these are skills that come to you naturally, and bringing a smile to another’s face is what inspires and moves you through your day, then please investigate these work and volunteer opportunities and consider joining us for a season or even longer!


Culinary Arts

Feathered Pipe has been a leader and promoter of healthy, vegetarian, and organic cuisine since its inception. We strive to continue and expand that tradition through preparing delicious food that is healthy and vegetarian-based (with limited meat and fish), using wholesome ingredients while also paying attention to where the food is sourced and its global impact.

Beyond our food focus at the Ranch, we are expanding and educating our audience through our website to spotlight food, how to prepare it, creative ways to use different ingredients and share insights on the impact of food on individual health as well as how food choices impact the environment.

If you enjoy preparing fresh foods, cooking/baking, and food service related work, our kitchen is a great place to work.


Ranch Caretaking

Feathered Pipe Ranch - work montanaAs anyone knows who has spent time out in nature or on a farm or ranch, maintaining a sense of order and cleanliness can be a real challenge. Nature has a way of always finding a way in and filling any niche left unoccupied, including our little chipmunk friends who scramble in any door left open.

At the Feathered Pipe Ranch, we strive to reach a healthy balance where the wonder and beauty of nature are honored while we live and tread lightly amidst it. We take care to not use poisons or overly aggressive means in our management and maintenance of the Ranch grounds. The love and reverence we have for our natural surroundings is extended to how we care for and tend our facilities as well.

Ranch care taking positions are a perfect opportunity for those who love to organize, clean, fix, and imagine and create improvements. Jobs include housekeeping and maintenance.


To Apply: Thank you for your interest. Please submit your information through our online job application form that will be available soon. If you have specific questions, inquire here.  We will reach out to those who best meet our qualifications.




*Feathered Pipe Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Feathered Pipe Foundation does not discriminate in hiring based on age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, disability or religion.

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