Feathered Pipe Foundation - Feathered Pipe 'Good Works': Our Ongoing Projects

Feathered Pipe ‘Good Works’: Goals, Projects and How You Can Help

We invite you to support our vision of keeping the Feathered Pipe Ranch as a magical place for transformation, inspiration, and growth. Learn more here about our vision, how we plan to make it happen, and how you can help. There are many ways to contribute to the Feathered Pipe and help us thrive long into the future.


Feathered Pipe ‘Good Works’: Our Ongoing Projects - Non-Profit FundraisingGoals, Needs & Dreams


Recruiting True Teachers, Filling Their Workshops, and Spreading the Word

Great teachers and word of mouth are the main reasons people initially come to the Ranch. Once here, guests experience nature, love, and healing as they learn . Their healing and education serves not only their highest good, but humanity’s. Strong workshops and true teachers not only brings them back to the Ranch, but their friends and colleagues too. That’s how more good ripples into the world. To help us with this, please let us know about your favorite true teachers, teach a workshop at the Ranch, register to attend a workshop, and/or tell your friends about the Ranch.

Making Programs More Accessible

Through our Scholarship Fund and potential expansion to offering our home-grown programs like the Mindful Unplug in other places or online throughout the year we hope to make our programs accessible to a wider audience.

Sustaining and Growing Humanitarian Service and Educational Projects

Whenever possible, we use income from successful retreats to seed new initiatives that are not immediately self-supporting and to host pro-bono retreats. These initiatives typically help us expand our circle to address and understand emerging challenges to human well-being, and sometimes even lead to the formation of new, independent organizations such as the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation and Veterans Yoga Project. We’d like to continue to build our Mindful Unplug Experience, continue hosting free retreats for worthy causes, and work with other organizations for a better world.

Maintaining and Improving the Facilities and Guest Experience at the Feathered Pipe

This includes such projects as building a new bathhouse, adding new yurts and/or tiny houses, general repairs, as well as refurbishing essential basic supplies such as linens, beds, and yoga props.

Cultivating Environmental Sustainability

Solar and/or hydropower, building tiny houses or some type of micro-cabin that can function as comfortable upgraded accommodation while serving as a model of efficiency and beauty.

Achieving Financial Stability

While this is never romantic or inspiring to talk about, the truth is that we have debts we’d like to pay off so we can move forward with a clean slate and a positive cash flow. This will come through having inspiring teachers, full workshops, disciplined revenue management, and donations.




Feathered Pipe 'Good Works': Our Ongoing Projects - Feathered Pipe FoundationMany Ways to Contribute


1. Register for a Workshop at the Ranch
2. General fund donation
3. Sponsor a project
4. Donate stock
5. Leave a legacy gift in your will
6. Help us network
7. Donate your time doing what you do best
8. Donate something for our live or silent auction


Register for a Workshop

One of the most fun ways to help us and yourself is to come to the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Spend a week learning from a world-class teacher in a nurturing environment while taking a step back from your busy life and focusing on the moment. Read about upcoming workshops.

General Donation

Sponsor a Project

Each project contributes to our goals, needs and/or dreams.

Scholarship Program

Timeline: Ongoing
Needs: Monetary Donations

Description: We continue to work hard to raise funds for our scholarship program, which assists those who have the intention and heart but may not have the financial ability to afford participating in a Feathered Pipe retreat. Donate here.

Veterans Yoga Project Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher Training at the Ranch

Timeline: Summer 2020
Needs: About $12,000 still needed to cover the stay at the Ranch. The good news is that between a grant and donations already received, most of the money for this project is raised. You can help us to pull this over the finish line!

Description: There will be two Veterans Yoga Project Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher Training workshops at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in 2020 and they are free to the veterans enrolled. This is part of 200-hour Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher Training (MRYTT), which will train 20 veterans to teach yoga, with particular attention to trauma-informed and Mindful Resilience practices. Graduates of this program will then be qualified to teach in Veterans Administration (VA) treatment programs as well as in community and active-duty settings. Donate here.

Archival Multimedia & Book Project

Timeline: Ongoing 3-5 years
Needs: $500-$2500 per month as a writer and interviewer’s retainer. Volunteer work from skilled writers and archivists, filmmakers, people to scan in the archives and money to enable us to hire people to do this. We don’t have a budget for the whole project yet as it is still taking shape, but as we create each part we can already use it in our promotion and is immediately useful to us.

Description: We hope to have this ready, at least in part, by the 50th anniversary. We will archive all the photos, brochures and stories of the Feathered Pipe to turn into an online multimedia adventure with videos, audio recordings, interviews, stories and photos and hopefully into a printed book. Currently, Andy Vantrease, an energetic and amazing freelance writer, is working on writing our Feathered Pipe roots stories and interviewing some of the amazing teachers who have taught at the Ranch. Inquire here.

Solar and/or Hydro-Electric Power

Timeline: Open
Needs: Expertise, money, company connection, grants, etc. We are still getting oriented so we can find out estimated costs.

Description: We’d like to decrease our reliance on “the external grid” to power the Ranch and we have potential for solar and/or hydropower. By far, most of our electric use is during the summer when we also fortunate enough to have a lot of sun. One volunteer is looking into a related grant from Northwestern Energy, but we are reaching out to ask for your help with the planning of this project. If you have connections at a solar company or expertise in this field, please contact us.

Yurts and Tiny Houses

Timeline: Open
Needs: $20,000 for a new yurt with platform and supplies, Looking for expertise and information in tiny houses or sustainable buildings for other options.

Description: Yurts are a fun place to stay. We love our yurts and would like to have more for our guests. We are also looking in to building tiny houses or some type of micro-cabin that can function as comfortable upgraded accommodation while serving as a model of efficiency and beauty. If this is your area of expertise or you know someone who can help, please contact us.

Work Truck

Timeline: As soon as possible
Needs: Either in-kind truck donation or about $15,000-$20,000

Description: 3/4 or 1 ton for towing, an automatic and a single cab would be best. It would cost at least $15,000 for a newer reliable one we don’t need to work on all the time. If it is an in-kind donation, we need a vehicle that is in good shape and not an old junker that requires endless maintenance, please.

Healing Garden

Timeline: Ongoing
Needs: Sponsor a gardener for $10,000 per year (any portion is great), volunteer gardeners, Sponsor yearly annuals $2000.
In-kind donations: flowers (check with us first as to specific needs), tools, volunteers

Description: The garden at the Ranch is a special place with a beautiful Stonehenge-like gate made by local artist and friend Bruce Bunger. The garden serves as a healing place for the gardeners and visitors alike. Working with the earth and being among plants can help us process our grief, breathe in the fresh air and get immersed in the joy of the moment with the flowers and strawberries. The garden also takes a lot of upkeep and we’d like to call out to all of garden fans to help us maintain our healing garden.

Heavy Duty Adirondack Chairs

Timeline: As soon as possible
Needs: Donation for materials. We already have a volunteer carpenter who will do the building.

Description: We want to make our own durable Adirondack chairs that last forever. More than 20 years ago we built our own and they are worn out. New pre-fab Adirondack chairs we purchased through the years to replace them, are unfortunately terrible quality so we have to keep buying new ones. We’d like to make sturdy ones again that we can use year after year.

Yoga Supplies

Timeline: Ongoing
Needs: In-kind or monetary donation; $2000 for a yoga mat sanitizer from Matasana

Description: We would like to replace/upgrade our yoga mats, wool blankets, foam blocks and a yoga mat sanitizer. We’d like to buy these from small businesses when at all possible. The yoga mat sanitizer we have our eye on is from Matasana, a small company who is not in a position to donate one, but stands 100% by their products and guarantees top quality.

General Supplies

Timeline: Ongoing
Needs: In-kind or monetary donation

Description: Mattresses, lanterns, bed sheets, comforters, shower curtains, towels, etc.

New Bathhouse

Description: Details to come

Description: Details to come

Donate stock

You can transfer stock directly to our brokerage account. The market is hot right now and this can be a tax-deduction for you, you don’t pay capital gains and neither does Feathered Pipe if it sells the stocks. Genius!

How to donate stock to Feathered Pipe Foundation

Just ask your broker or check on the website where you have your brokerage account about how give shares or securities to an organization. We will give your our DTC number and you can transfer the stock. Please let us know when you are planning to donate the stock so we can send you a receipt. Stock donations arrive anonymously. Instructions and details on how to donate stock.

Long-term investment stock (i.e. you’ve owned for more than 1 year) that has appreciated in value

You get to the deduct the fair market value as a donation, you don’t have to pay the capital gains tax (which can range between 15 and 20 percent), the Foundation gets the full value and is not liable for the tax either.

Example: You bought shares of your favorite company 10 years ago for a total of $1000, but it has gone up and is now worth $5,000. You donate those shares directly to Feathered Pipe Foundation and get to write off the fair market value at the time of transfer, $5000. Feathered Pipe Foundation is a non-profit organization and doesn’t have to pay capital gains if it sells the stock. You avoid having to pay long-term capital gains tax – if you assume a capital gains tax of 15 percent ($600 tax on the $4000 profit) instead of donating $4400, you can donate the full $5000 and also write off that full amount as a charitable contribution. Wins all around.

With stock that has depreciated in value since you bought it, it is better for you to sell, get the deduction for the loss, and donate the cash. Please email us with any questions.

Leave a legacy gift in your will

After all, how much do your kids and cats really need? Ask your estate lawyer to add the Feathered Pipe Foundation into your will. You can give the Feathered Pipe Foundation money, stocks or high-end items that can be sold or raffled. Inquire here.

Help us network.

Do you have connections who can help us in any way? Put us in touch. Do you know the editor of or writer for a magazine or newspaper, for example? Tell them about Feathered Pipe for a good story.

Donate your time doing what you do best.

Right now, for example, one person is finding and writing some grants for us and another is offering free business consulting. These are highly skilled people who are volunteering their time and it is heartwarming and helpful!

Donate something for our live or silent auction at the big Celebration in July, 2020.

India always wanted to have a “Your Grandma Died Auction” and in July we will do one in her honor.

Did Marie Kondo get into your head? Remember it’s even easier to let go of belongings when you give them to a good cause. We are collecting high-end items like jewelry, art, vacations, vehicles, vacation homes and free airline tickets. Please contact us if you would like to give something. Inquire here.