Feathered Pipe Blog – Voice Of The Wisdom Holders

Feathered Pipe Blog: Voice of the Wisdom Holders

The Feathered Pipe has been blessed to host many of the foremost teachers, guides and wisdom holders within the realm of yoga, meditation, spirituality, health and wellness during our four-plus decades of existence. The Feathered Pipe Blog offers you the opportunity to explore more deeply their thoughts and insights for opening to experience a more healthful and fulfilling life.

A Place Between Awe and Ahhh – Crystal Water

There is a certain feeling you get when arriving at Feathered Pipe Ranch, whether it’s your first or umpteenth time. It’s hard to describe, but it’s on the spectrum between awe (amazement and soul-filling appreciation of the setting) and ahhh (relief and exhale, while coming into a place of comfort or home). Read More

Going Deeper: Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana – Marla Apt

So often in your practice, you’ll feel a craving for deep sensation, like that of a cat luxuriating in its morning stretch. Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-of-the-Knee Pose) is one of those asanas that can inspire this desire, and if you practice with a focus on stretching, the pose can definitely provide a great deal of sensation. Read More

Welcoming in the 2023 Feathered Pipe Retreat Season – Crystal Water

I’m so excited to say that we are kicking off the 2023 season at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Between springtime snow flurries, several of our stellar team members have started opening up the Ranch and cleaning from top to bottom. At the end of the month, the first group will arrive! We have a fantastic lineup this season and if you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late. Read More

Now I’m Grown Up, Who Do I Want To Be? – Rhonda Waters

In the noise and chaos of daily life, it isn’t always an easy task to slow down, listen to your own thoughts and go deep. If you had a chance to write your own report card for life, what would matter the most? How would you define success in life? How would you want to show up for the most important people in your life? Read More

True Confessions: My Yoga Story – Baxter Bell, MD

My colleague, Nina, from Yoga For Healthy Aging said it was time I shared my story of coming to yoga, so here it is. But first, I should start by telling you what my life was like before I discovered yoga in 1994. Wow, where to start?! Let me encapsulate my schooling and work history in this way: I was always a studious kid and did well in my grade school, junior high and high school studies. Read More

Inspired at Feathered Pipe – Crystal Water

There is something truly magical in the unique environment at Feathered Pipe Ranch. The land, the sky, the air, the space and openness, the nature, the energy, and the people unite in a serendipitous way that sparks creativity, vision, and inspiration. The Ranch is a source of inspiration for many to create music, art, or even other nonprofit/humanitarian organizations. Read More

Bliss is You: Opening to Joy – Lori Gaspar

Yoga teaches us that we will find fulfillment when we align clearly with our own true Self, and the path through the pancha koshas toward the innermost sheath of bliss is as unique as we are. We can access our innate blissfulness via experiencing expansive shapes and fluid movements, being open and present, as well as practicing gratitude, loving-kindness, and self-less service. Read More

Happy Everything! – Crystal Water

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Everything! Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, Ramadan, or just Spring, we are sending our love and gratitude your way. Spring hasn’t quite arrived yet at the Ranch as we await the melt off, but in Montana it can be typical to go straight from winter into summer. Read More

Is Your Yoga Safe? – J. Brown

When it comes to alignment, I find it curious to notice teachers who are are usually quite rigid in their instruction are now bending over backwards to explain how they respond to the needs of students. Specifically, I was reading an excerpt from a new book, written by a senior teacher in a classical tradition, who was considering the instruction to "straighten your leg." Read More

Many of these writings' authors are treasured alumni and presenters of the Feathered Pipe retreat and travel programs. If you find yourself inspired by anything you have read here and wish to dive deeper, please consider joining us for a week-long program at the Feathered Pipe Ranch.



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