Inspired@FeatheredPipe: Art, Music, Poetry, and Storytelling

Inspired at Feathered Pipe Pages: Art, Music, Poetry, and Storytelling

There is something truly magical in the unique environment at Feathered Pipe Ranch. The land, the sky, the air, the space and openness, the nature, the energy, and the people unite in a serendipitous way that sparks creativity, vision, and inspiration.

The Inspired at Feathered Pipe — inspired@FeatheredPipe — project is to share art, music, photography, poetry, and stories that are created at or inspired by Feathered Pipe Ranch with its vibrant culture and eclectic community.

Featured watercolor: Pat Olchefski-Winston

Poem by Lanita Varshell: Walking the Labyrinth

Even if you haven’t yet had the chance to walk the labyrinth yourself at Feathered Pipe Ranch, Lanita Varshell’s Poem “Walking the Labyrinth” can help you feel the energy. Originally written in 2007 at the Ranch, Lanita now narrates as it is coupled with footage from her 2023 workshop filmed onsite by Kai Lee of Subtle Dream. Read More

Melina and Baxter’s Medley: Inspired Photography and Music

You may know them best as yoga teachers and writers, but they both possess super talents you may not be aware of. In this slideshow video Melina Meza shares her collection of stunning photographs she’s taken at Feathered Pipe Ranch throughout several summers and Baxter Bell music delights our ears. Read More

Music by Marianne Straus-Sutin: Wild Mountain Thyme

The Wild Mountain Thyme music and fly-through film carry you on a journey through the forested camping area to the Feathered Pipe Nature Deck and Stupa, gliding across the lake to reveal the Ranch buildings and zooming out to the expansive eagle’s eye view. We are thankful for our dear, talented friends, Marianne Straus-Sutin and Randy Sutin, who performed the music for this video. Read More

Poem by Sheila Scott: Night Sky Meditation

Sheila Scott came for the first time to the Feathered Pipe Ranch in 2023 for our Mindful Unplug retreat. She penned this poem following the "nightfall meditation practice." It's a contemplative evening/nighttime meditative sensory activity that takes place in an open area of the woods at the south boundary of the Ranch, with a largely unimpeded view to the sky. Read More

Poetry by Anne Jablonski: I Borrowed Your Eyes Again, Montana

This poem showed up for me in August 2015 in the wake of one of many inspiring, too-short stretches of time spent at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. I say “showed up” instead of “was written” because it came to me more like an assignment to transcribe than words I wrestled into submission, like writing often is for me. Time on that land does things like that, right? Read More

Inspired Music by Matthew Marsolek: Feathered Pipe Island

Enjoy the beauty of the Feathered Pipe Ranch and the music "Feathered Pipe Island" by Matthew Marsolek. Matthew Marsolek wrote Feathered Pipe Island—clearly inspired by the vibe at the Ranch—in the early 1990s. He’s performed it many times at the Ranch through the years and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Read More

An Instrumental by Jacob David Bradley: Skye Farm

This powerful instrumental was written by Jacob David Bradley at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in 2022. It reminds him of Skye Farm and as he plays it he thinks about that incredible place. One of his favorite spots down on the Ranch to play is next to the Labyrinth on a stone bench that is hidden in the aspen grove. If you are lucky enough to come by at the right time, you may hear him playing tunes early in the morning or on his break. Read More

Story Time with India Supera: The Way of Miracles

India Supera, founder, visionary, long-time executive director of the Feathered Pipe Foundation, was know for her elaborate and wandering stories about her adventures around the globe and how she came to be given the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Sit back and enjoy her sharing one version of the Feathered Pipe story and the way of miracles. Read More

Poem by Judith Hanson Lasater: Forest Walk at Feathered Pipe Ranch

"Forest Walk" is a poem by Judith Hanson Lasater that was inspired by her nocturnal venture at Feathered Pipe Ranch. Judith's words lead us through an archetypal journey we have all experienced in some fashion—navigating the unknown, being in the dark, alone, afraid, and exposed, but through grounding presence finding comfort, belonging, security, and home. Read More

This program is brought you by the Feathered Pipe Foundation and its kind supporting community, who has been inspiring positive change in the world since its inception in 1975. Please consider joining us with your kind donation.



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