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Feathered Pipe Scholarship Fund: Creating tomorrow’s leaders

Feathered Pipe - Educational ScholarshipsA large number of today’s leaders within the yoga, health and wellness communities have come through our doors at one time or another, with many getting their start right here at the Ranch through our scholarship fund.

The objective of the fund is to assist those who have the intention and heart but may not have the financial ability, through educational scholarships to afford participation in one of our health, wellness and self-empowerment programs. We believe the best way to create the sustainable and cooperative communities we dream of starts with the individual. The scholarship fund goes right to the heart of our philosophy and mission.

Donate to the Feathered Pipe Foundation and help tomorrow’s leaders benefit from the immeasurable value of a Feathered Pipe health, wellness and self-empowerment program.




Interested in applying for a Feathered Pipe Scholarship?

Application for 2022 Feathered Pipe hosted-retreat program scholarships, ranging from $500-1500, will open on January 30th. The deadline for the first round of applications was February 28, 2022 and the applicants will be notified by March 15, 2022. After that, if there are still funds available we will continue to review applications as they come in.

For those interested in attending a Feathered Pipe hosted retreat program and having real financial need in making that happen, please feel free to fill out the Feathered Pipe Scholarship Application here. And please do share this information with anyone who you feel would be a good candidate.


Testimonials from Past Scholarship Beneficiaries

Feathered Pipe - Charitable Cause

In Feb. 2020 I saw that Judith Lasater would be leading a week long Restorative Yoga Retreat at the Feathered Pipe in August 2020. I looked at the price and felt quickly discouraged, knowing I couldn’t afford it. (I’m retired and live on a minimal fixed income.)

With Joanne’s help I was directed to Eric, and I applied for a scholarship. Being awarded the $500.00 scholarship was the “green light” I needed to trust that I could come up with the remainder of the fee. 

Because of Covid, everything being cancelled for summer 2020, I decided to transfer my scholarship and deposit to August 2021. 

Recently, during some very dark times in Sept. and Oct., (due to injury, surgery and being confined to bed for four weeks), I was able to re-visit the time spent at the Feathered Pipe, in meditation…….to recall the sounds, tastes, textures, voices, stars, prayer flags dancing in the wind, faces, smiles, laughter, and the majesty of the natural world. I know now that wherever I am, I can always return to The Ranch………the goodness, beauty, comradery, compassion, and wonder have been absorbed by my heart and soul.

I have so much gratitude for the scholarship that made it possible for me to attend Judith’s retreat. It was one of the greatest gifts in my life! From the moment I arrived at The Ranch, until my departure, I felt embraced by the extraordinary energy of the physical location, the participants, the staff, and everyone who contributed to making me feel so safe and loved. 

~ Anne C. Tullar

Feathered Pipe - Self-Empowerment ProgramMelina Meza and Baxter Bell designed their yoga retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch to fully celebrate and incorporate the stunningly beautiful landscape of the western Montana mountains. That combined with warm and welcoming staff made the retreat a unique and unforgettable experience.

Your generous scholarship made the workshop and Feathered Pipe experience possible for me at a difficult time, and difficult times are when we more than ever need the loving care and beauty offered to guests at Feathered Pipe Ranch. Thank you so much.

~ Christine Crozier

Hard to put into words all the Feathered Pipe Ranch has done for me. I’ve had the most amazing visits, each one unique and emotionally and spiritually fulfilling. The environment lends itself to all the nature one could ask for. The workshops are inspirational, educational, and often entertaining. The accommodations are unique and very comfortable and there is no place else I know of with such amazing staff. Everyone is kind, welcoming and there to insure everything runs smoothly. The food is beyond great. My life has been changed three times now. It’s a must for any kind of serenity or time for personal growth.

~ Jude Austin

The scholarship I received was a huge help and blessing for me. It enabled me to receive teachings and make connections that served me greatly in my life’s journey. I have immense gratitude to all who make the Feathered Pipe Ranch and the scholarships available and for all the dedication and care put into this magical place. 

~ Eric Scheibenhoffer


We invite you to support our efforts to usher in a new season of humanity through a financial donation.

Feel free to call us at (406) 442-8196 if you’d like to learn more about the specifics of our projects and how you can be a part of our seva yoga. As well if you desire that your tax-deductible donation go to support specific projects, please contact Executive Director, Crystal Water, at crystal@featheredpipe.com.




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