Feathered Pipe Blog – Voice Of The Wisdom Holders

Feathered Pipe Blog: Voice of the Wisdom Holders

The Feathered Pipe has been blessed to host many of the foremost teachers, guides and wisdom holders within the realm of yoga, meditation, spirituality, health and wellness during our four-plus decades of existence. The Feathered Pipe Blog offers you the opportunity to explore more deeply their thoughts and insights for opening to experience a more healthful and fulfilling life.

Dream with Us – Crystal Water

Happy Spring! I feel so uplifted this time of year as we are about to start another season at Feathered Pipe Ranch. To soothe, or perhaps whet, our appetites for the Ranch, I’d like to invite you to a special Zoom event on April 8, 2023: Feathered Pipe Dream with India Supera. India welcomes us into her amazing story by saying... Read More

Where is Your Attention These Days? – Anne Jablonski

It’s easier than ever these days to surrender to unbounded time shackled to screens that capture our attention and put our senses to sleep. But there’s another sort of surrender — the one that invites us to reclaim our power over where we put our attention. Read More

Embracing Equity – Crystal Water

This week, on March 8, International Women’s Day* (IWD) was celebrated around the world with the theme Embrace Equity. Equity is key to creating an inclusive society and livable world for everyone, not just for women. So what is equity exactly? Whereas equality is that everyone gets the exact same resources or opportunity, equity takes it a step further. Read More

Spring is Approaching – Phylise Smith

Spring is approaching. As I look out of the window, I imagine spring. I imagine how in April or May, I’ll ask my yoga students if they want to practice outside. Like I’ve experienced at a Feathered Pipe Ranch Retreat, practicing yoga outside changes the essence of yoga. I want to share this with my students -- show them the impact of yoga practiced in an outdoor environment. Read More

Replenishing Ourselves: The Necessity of Receiving – Carie Garrett

Giving is wonderful. Extending ourselves in service to others, sharing our gifts, wisdom, and time is very important. The world is in need of what we have to give. But, if we keep giving and giving, doing and doing, without plugging into our true source and replenishing ourselves, we will run dry. Our souls can become depleted. Read More

Letting Loose – Crystal Water

We are just resetting back into “real life” here in Limburg (Netherlands) after Carnaval. In the US we know about this Christian celebration through Mardi Gras. Observing superficially, it may look like nothing more than wild debauchery. But it actually serves a deep human need. It’s a chance to really let loose and reset. Read More

India Supera and MIMSY – Lanita Varshell

When I first met India Supera there was an immediate connection, as though we had always known each other. It was like finding my long-lost older sister who would not let me forget the work I was put in this body to do. When she took her first MIMSY - Meditation in Movement Soft Yoga class with me, she was in deep back pain. Read More

Feathered Pipe Retreat Scholarships – Crystal Water

Feathered Pipe Scholarship Applications are open from Now until Feb 26, 2023. Thanks to many generous donors, we are honored to offer $30,000 in scholarships to apply towards eight of our 2023 main season retreats! Scholarships, ranging from $500-$1500 each, apply to a specific workshop, and may not be applied retroactively to existing registrations. Read More

Using Routine & Ritual To Find Peace in Life – Becca Covington

Thankfully, shifting towards daily routine and monthly ritual can provide peace of mind, more time in life to feel settled and offer some of the best tools available for managing stress. Having a yoga practice and a deeper understanding of Āyurveda can allow us to enable these shifts with ease. Read More

Self-Knowledge: the Act of Dying to One’s Self – Ravi Ravindra

A great deal of emphasis has been placed by the traditions on self- knowledge, the kind of knowledge that transforms and heals the soul. The words written over the ancient library of Ozymandias, the king of Egypt, meant The Soul’s Cure.  Self-knowledge is a prerequisite to, if not synonymous with, knowledge of God. Read More

Many of these writings' authors are treasured alumni and presenters of the Feathered Pipe retreat and travel programs. If you find yourself inspired by anything you have read here and wish to dive deeper, please consider joining us for a week-long program at the Feathered Pipe Ranch.



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