Feathered Pipe Blog – Voice Of The Wisdom Holders

Feathered Pipe Blog: Voice of the Wisdom Holders

The Feathered Pipe has been blessed to host many of the foremost teachers, guides and wisdom holders within the realm of yoga, meditation, spirituality, health and wellness during our four-plus decades of existence. The Feathered Pipe Blog offers you the opportunity to explore more deeply their thoughts and insights for opening to experience a more healthful and fulfilling life.

Sharing the Vibe – Feathered Pipe Foundation

We were blessed with another sudden downpour the day before yesterday. Our skies now are a glorious azure blue, and the aspen meadows remain verdant green and cool. So cool that one of our larger, fur-covered friends has taken up residence there! We wanted to share a bit more of the vibe here, with a wonderful piece of artistry that one of Judith's guests presented during their annual Follies. Enjoy! Read More

Give Me Some Shanti – Crystal Water

India is a country filled with fantasies and contrasts beyond our wildest imaginations. The most beautiful and the most disgusting coexist side by side. A land of riches and poverty. Opposites are evident everywhere. Yin and yang, one could say. Now it is only a matter of finding the balance. Read More

Manifesting Magic – Crystal Water

The summer in full swing in Montana and we are thoroughly enjoying this season at Feathered Pipe Ranch. We've been fortunate to have lots of rain making way for plentiful wildflowers and a fresh forest. Wildlife is abundant with frequent moose, deer, and butterfly sightings and the more occasional bear, mountain lion, and great blue heron visits. Read More

Stress and the Need for Retreat & Renewal – Dr. Joseph Lamb

All individuals are worthy of respect and reverence for the deep, intangible meaning and purpose possessed by each of us; yet for many, this personal touchpoint for creating optimal wellness has been lost. Healing involves more than knowing information. Healing requires recreating our story, our wellness and indeed our meaning and purpose. Read More

Let the Summer Begin! – Crystal Water

It truly feels like summer has started here in the Rocky Mountains. As I sit here to write, a symphony of birds sing, the sun is shining, the grass is vivid green after the wonderful rains of late, the sky is "Windex" blue, and we are in full swing at the Ranch. We are truly blessed in joining our many animal friends—from the birds and deer to the bears and moose—in enjoying ourselves in this gorgeous habitat. Read More

Here & Now: A Key to the Yoga Sutras – Dean Lerner

Let’s uncover this “secret” found in the very first four sutras.  They commence with “Now begins the study of Yoga.  Yoga is the cessation of the movements in the consciousness.  Then, the seer abides in his own true grandeur.  At other times, the seer identifies with the fluctuating consciousness.”  You have probably read and contemplated these sutras countless times. Read More

Circle of Friends – Crystal Water

This is a good moment to connect with awareness, to reflect, and to find peace in presence. Circles of Friends who focus energy for positive intention, compassion, and support for one another can be a powerful way to create the shift. Read More

Many of these writings' authors are treasured alumni and presenters of the Feathered Pipe retreat and travel programs. If you find yourself inspired by anything you have read here and wish to dive deeper, please consider joining us for a week-long program at the Feathered Pipe Ranch.