Feathered Pipe Blog – Voice Of The Wisdom Holders

Feathered Pipe Blog: Voice of the Wisdom Holders

The Feathered Pipe has been blessed to host many of the foremost teachers, guides and wisdom holders within the realm of yoga, meditation, spirituality, health and wellness during our four-plus decades of existence. The Feathered Pipe Blog offers you the opportunity to explore more deeply their thoughts and insights for opening to experience a more healthful and fulfilling life.

You Are Worthy – 2024 Feathered Pipe Scholarship Program

We are happy to announce we are offering $40,000 of retreat scholarships in our 2024 season! If you struggle to be able to pay the retreat tuition and also know you would benefit from coming to Feathered Pipe, please know YOU ARE WORTHY and we hope you consider applying. Read More

Living in the Present Moment through Play – Dennen Pancari

Play is a powerful, lighthearted, and spontaneous medium for self discovery. Laughter, an integral part of playful yoga, triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural stress-busters. Approaching life in this manner, gives us permission to experience joy in the present moment. Read More

Grace & Surrender Under the Big Sky – Nat Kendall

As long as I can remember, I've always been fascinated with the natural world. Growing up outside, amidst the towering mountains of Montana, living in alignment with the land and seasons and cradled under the big sky, foreshadowed something I would later rediscover through the practice of yoga in a BIG way – surrender. Read More

What’s in Store for ‘24 – Crystal Water

Filled with gratitude for all of you who make this possible, we’d like to share what’s in store for ‘24 at Feathered Pipe. Thanks for being on this journey with us. May ‘24 have many good things in store for you. Read More

You Deserve to Receive – Jessica Cartwright

In a world full of harshness and women being asked to do so much that our systems tend to be constantly overburdened - we need this. Rest. Enjoyable options. People taking care of us. Women holding space for us while we process whatever life transition we’re in. Read More

Mount Kailasa: The Last Pilgrimage – VJ Supera

There is a mountain in western Tibet that stands alone in all its sacred glory.  The Hindus call it Mount Kailas.  The Tibetans call it Kang Rinpoche, “the precious one of ice.”  This mountain represents The Almighty in concrete form, and man in his impermanence.  Read More

Yoga Bodies, Yoga Minds – Chase Bossart

As the application of yoga for healing becomes increasingly prominent in the West, we must remain conscious of how it is happening. Is the application of yoga for healing remaining true to its origins while being adapted to meet Western cultural contexts? Read More

LOVEfest and FUNdraiser 2023 – Crystal Water

We humbly invite you to join us December 9 at 9 am Pacific / Noon Eastern for our annual LOVEfest and FUNdraiser. This feel-good online event is FREE to attend and we hope to see you there. It gives us a chance to get together and thank our community, get a glimpse of what we’ve accomplished, and a look towards the future. Read More

Many of these writings' authors are treasured alumni and presenters of the Feathered Pipe retreat and travel programs. If you find yourself inspired by anything you have read here and wish to dive deeper, please consider joining us for a week-long program at the Feathered Pipe Ranch.



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