An Instrumental by Jacob David Bradley: Skye Farm


Contrary to popular belief, being a talented musician is not a requirement of the job to work in the Feathered Pipe kitchen. Yet many of our team members are multitalented. They cook delicious meals and host guests and play guitar, piano, sing, and so many other forms of music.

This powerful instrumental was written by Jacob David Bradley at the Feathered Pipe Ranch in 2022. It reminds him of Skye Farm and as he plays it he thinks about that incredible place. One of his favorite spots down on the Ranch to play is next to the Labyrinth on a stone bench that is hidden in the aspen grove. If you are lucky enough to come by at the right time, you may hear him playing tunes early in the morning or on his break.

Skye Farm in the property that is about a mile up the road from the Feathered Pipe Ranch. The owners generously allow Feathered Pipe guests to cross through their property to access the vantage points.

You may be one of the lucky ones to have taken sunrise or sunset walks up to Kaiser peak and the mountains just above Skye Farm. If you have or if you’ve seen the photos, you know what an amazing space it is. When the sky is clear, you can see for miles with the vast expanse of the mountains covered in pine forests or mountain desert meadows with cactus and wildflowers, the huge sky, and even views towards Helena and the famous Sleeping Giant.

Jacob has written many original songs and you can listen to some on his album on Spotify.

Continuing A Feathered Pipe Tradition

Jacob is one of several next generation people who have gravitated back to the Ranch to work. One of the cool things about Feathered Pipe Ranch is that it’s intergenerational, so at any given time we have a mix of ages from the elders to the littles ones and everything in between. The Ranch seems to have a kind of magic—especially for small children—just being able to be free and outdoors that draws them back as they grow up and remember how special it was. Right now we have second and third generation people who are coming to contribute at the Ranch, working on grounds, teaching, and entertaining us too!

About Jacob Bradley:

Vegan Orange Cake à la Jacob Bradley - Feathered Pipe CookbookJacob Bradley is one of several next generation staff who came to work at the Feathered Pipe Ranch for the 2021 season. His parents, Kari Bradley and Gabrielle Malina, transformed the Feathered Pipe kitchen in the 90s serving up such delights as African feasts and Friday night Shabbat dinners with fresh challah. Now Jacob is contributing his own talents, including cooking and musical performances, to the Feathered Pipe.

Check out Jacob’s adaptation of the Feathered Pipe Cookbook classic Vegan Orange Cake here.

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