Poem by Lanita Varshell: Walking the Labyrinth


The Labyrinth at the Feathered Pipe Ranch was first made in the seedling aspen grove (formerly the volleyball court) circa 2006 with a carefully plotted out path of a seven-circuit classical labyrinth. Through the years the aspens have grown and recently the labyrinth was laid out in stones for longevity. Both its original and current forms have been realized from the collective efforts of Feathered Pipe Friends who contributed in their ideas, labor (much of it volunteer), and love. The Stonehenge-esque gate welcomes all to walk the path and fill it with their positive energy.

Even if you haven’t yet had the chance to walk the labyrinth yourself at Feathered Pipe Ranch, Lanita Varshell’s Poem “Walking the Labyrinth” can help you feel the energy.

Originally written in 2007 at the Ranch, Lanita now narrates as it is coupled with footage from her 2023 retreat program filmed onsite by Kai Lee of Subtle Dream.

Kai spent three weeks at Feathered Pipe Ranch in June of 2023 to photograph and film the amazing nature and experience. Please visit our Vimeo or YouTube channels to enjoy more of his stunning footage of Feathered Pipe Ranch.

Walking the Labyrinth: May all your footsteps be prayers

We are the women that have come before you…
Let us show you the way.

Feel our energy…Walk our path
Let our spirits light your way.

We are the women that have come before you…
There is no where we end – and you begin.

Walk our path – Feel our energy…
Let us show you the way.

When you feel
Know that we feel you…
Know that we can help heal you…

For we are the women that came before you…
Let us show you the way.


Lanita Varshell
Feathered Pipe Ranch Retreat
Helena, Montana 2007


About Lanita Varshell:

Lanita Varshell - Gentle Way Yoga

Lanita Varshell is a soft, kind, mystic earth mother. She emanates love and compassion. Lanita is one of the oldest and most respected plus-size, gentle and therapeutic yoga teachers in the United States. She has been a pioneer in the world of body positive, accessible and adaptive yoga.

Owner of A Gentle Way Yoga and Joyful Movement, she has taught yoga and trained teachers full time since 1996, and owned a busy yoga studio for over 20 years, all while living with chronic health, weight, and life challenges. She has inspired thousands of students and teachers to look at themselves and others through the eyes of kindness and love. In addition, she is an inspiring writer, public speaker, and yoga life coach.

Learn more about Lanita: agentleway.com

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