Music by Marianne Straus-Sutin: Wild Mountain Thyme


The Wild Mountain Thyme music and fly-through film carry you on a journey through the forested camping area to the Feathered Pipe Nature Deck and Stupa, gliding across the lake to reveal the Ranch buildings and zooming out to the expansive eagle’s eye view.

We are thankful for our dear, talented friends, Marianne Straus-Sutin and Randy Sutin, who performed the music for this video. The song, “Wild Mountain Thyme,” is a traditional Celtic melody arranged by Marianne and Randy. Their arrangement was inspired by the retreat Marianne attended with R. Carlos Nakai at the Feathered Pipe Ranch! The instruments you hear include a Native American cedar flute, eagle whistle, bansuri, vibraphone, and dulcimer.

(One of our most cherished memories of Marianne and Randy dates to 2008 when, while attending Erich Schiffmann’s retreat, the two renewed their wedding vows at the stupa for their 25th wedding anniversary.)

The drone video footage was filmed onsite by Kai Lee of Subtle Dream. Kai spent three weeks at Feathered Pipe Ranch in June of 2023 to photograph and film the amazing nature and experience. Please visit our Vimeo or YouTube channels to enjoy more of his stunning footage of Feathered Pipe Ranch.


Links for Randy and Marianne Sutin:

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For more information, visit Randy and Marianne Sutin’s website! or follow Randy and Marianne Sutin on Facebook.

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