Nourishing Human Bodies and the Earth Body - Feathered Pipe Foundation

Nourishing Human Bodies and the Earth Body – Feathered Pipe Foundation

“We’re turning a page in the history of the Feathered Pipe, and it’s so cool to be a part of that…It feels like we are steering the boat in a positive direction, one that aligns with the Ranch’s original mission—and I’m so happy to be here!”

~ Feathered Pipe Culinary Director Sam Wieland


Dear Friends,

Nourishing Human Bodies And The Earth Body – Feathered Pipe FoundationThe ‘COVID era’ sparked epic struggles and surfaced profound questions for many of us. Has it been a lesson in patient perseverance for you too? Have you experienced, as we have, vivid reminders of just how indispensable sangha (community) is to our personal and collective well being?

At Feathered Pipe, it’s been a time of profound inquiry into big questions about who we are, what we value, and where we want to go. One (savory) insight from this inquiry revolves around the role of food, the very brick and mortar of life. We pledged to redouble our efforts to ensure that food sourcing and menu choices made at the Ranch reflected our values. And so to walk our talk, we committed to embracing organic, locally-sourced foods that support Montana farmers.

Put simply, we wanted to do an even better job of nourishing our human bodies as well as the earth body.

If you come to the Ranch this summer, we suspect that you’ll be pleased to see that we’ve returned to the “scratch kitchen” concept, featuring creative menus that evolve with the changing Montana seasons. This was only possible because we have been blessed with a team that was not only willing, but eager, to take on the challenge! Once you’re here, you’ll savor fresh greens delivered direct from western Montana’s Flathead Valley along with pulses and grain from the rolling plains of eastern Montana’s big open skies.

Our outstanding new Culinary Director, Sam Wieland, is at the forefront of this joyful effort. We invite you to savor this interview with Sam to understand exactly what inspires all the delectable creations coming out of our kitchen. Feedback about mealtime this summer has been over-the-top enthusiastic — we are so grateful to Sam and his team for making it all possible.

Newest Dandelion Effect Podcast Explores Regenerating Food, Soil, and Community

Dandelion Effect PodcastOn our most recent episode of the Dandelion Effect Podcast, host Andy Vantrease speaks with Jim Barngrover, an inaugural member of the core group of good souls that worked to fashion a ‘hippie dream’ from the 1970s into reality at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. In 1987, Jim co-founded Timeless Natural Foods, a company dedicated to alternative agriculture through annual legumes like peas and lentils. With over four decades of experience in organic gardening, farming, and marketing local and fair trade products, he speaks with experience and authority on subjects such as the chemically-dependent industrial farming complex in America and why farming organically using regenerative practices makes a meaningful difference for the planet’s health. Did you know, for example, that the humble lentil reduces erosion, builds organic matter, and supplies natural fertilizer for other crops? Don’t miss Regenerating Our Food, Soil and Community.

Last-Minute Openings for The Mindful Unplug

The Mindful Unplug - Feathered Pipe RanchAs long as we’re on the subject of nourishing mind and body — a handful of last-minute spots have just opened up for our popular homegrown program, The Mindful Unplug. It’s a rich sensory experience that acknowledges the Ranch environs as a profound source of lasting teachings. Join our team of experienced Ranch-savvy guides for a nourishing and joyful week of mindful movement and contemplative practices with Mindful Unplug emcee/den mother Anne Jablonski, heart opening sound and rhythm practices with Ranch son Matthew Marsolek and family, and creative nature sensory immersions with our cherished friend Zane Williams. The program begins on 8 July so snag your spot today.

Stay nourished, friends! We’re here to help with that.


Faith & Gratitude,
Feathered Pipe Foundation

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