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The World Comes Together at Feathered Pipe – Crystal Water

“Feathered Pipe continues to do good in the world, for the world, even when it is difficult to forge ahead, especially when times are difficult —. The world comes together at Feathered Pipe!”

~ Poonam Jain

Dear Friends,

“The world comes together at Feathered Pipe,” our friend Poonam so aptly puts it. And even as we are spread across the globe, we are united through our love, community, and our appreciation of Feathered Pipe Ranch. THANK YOU for being a part of it.

The World Comes Together at Feathered Pipe - Feathered Pipe FoundationFeathered Pipe 2023 Feature Video – Jonathan Lee of Subtle Dream created a new and stunning compilation video of Feathered Pipe Ranch this year. You can virtually experience class on the nature deck, hiking and taking in the amazing views, walking through the tall grasses and canoeing on the lake. Scored with “Skye Farm”—Jacob David Bradley’s original instrumental named for the location just above the Ranch. Two and half minutes well spent, but beware you may want to watch it again. Big gratitude to Jonathan and Jacob.

Looking forward to 2024

We continue our end-of-year fundraising campaign with a goal of $100,000. Would you like to donate to help us with these positive impact projects?

Ranch improvements with a focus on the Kitchen- Many needed repairs and upgrades including a new commercial range we will name “Wellsie” in honor of Mike Wells.

Feathered Pipe Scholarship Program is truly life-changing, take it from a few of the 2023 scholarship recipients…

The World Comes Together at Feathered Pipe - Feathered Pipe Foundation“This has been a life changer. My health, spiritual wellbeing and outlook on life have all improved. As a 2 year cancer survivor this is just vital. I am incredibly blessed and totally grateful to have been able to attend the Mindful Unplug retreat at the Ranch.” ~Colette

“ I am grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship opportunity to remind myself that I am worthy of receiving this gift of healing in the beauty and simplicity of nature. … I cannot think of a more valuable way to invest one’s money in raising the consciousness of humans and the planet than through the work and seva of Feathered Pipe Ranch.” ~Brenda

“Western medicine saved my life, but my yoga practice and spending time outdoors have sustained me. Though I still have many brain challenges, it is clear that my brain is healing itself. Feathered Pipe made such a difference for me in this lifelong path, as it first showed me the way.” ~Deborah

Marissa-Kanduri Helping Hands Initiative provides financial assistance to seasonal staff for continuing education and personal development.

Native Plants and Pollinator Project to improve the habitat (and lives) of pollinators and increase biodiversity at and around Feathered Pipe Ranch.

The World Comes Together at Feathered Pipe - Feathered Pipe FoundationWays to donate:

Credit card
Venmo @featheredpipe
Check to Feathered Pipe Foundation, PO Box 1682, Helena, MT 59624
Stock can be donated to our brokerage account.

As a special gift, if you donate $100 or more, we will give you a copy of our digital version of Feathered Pipe Cookbook.

FREE Zoom Series with Jillian Pransky

We are thrilled to welcome Jillian Pransky to teach A Sacred Summer Pause: Expanding Our Capacity For Calm, Connection, Compassion, And Joy at Feathered Pipe Ranch in August. As a special gift to the Feathered Pipe community, Jillian is offering her live Zoom series Presencing: Heart-Centered Practices for Hard Times FREE to you starting December 29. After being directed to Jillian’s website, click “Register Now” and enter PRESENCING (in all caps) in Coupon Code box. Click “apply,” and complete registration for free access to all sessions.

Sending big love to you wherever you are. Let’s meet back up at Feathered Pipe Ranch, where the world comes together.


With Love and Gratitude,
Crystal Water
Executive Director of Feathered Pipe Foundation

*Special thanks to Jonathan Lee for the images!

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