A Clear Vision of Innocence - Lynne Minton

A Clear Vision of Innocence – Lynne Minton

ऋतंभरा तत्र प्रज्ञा (ṛtaṃbharā tatra prajñā) — “When consciousness dwells in wisdom, a direct state of spiritual perception dawns.”

~ Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1.48

While contemplating writing about what this sutra means to me, I was stuck on the term that Patanjali presents as the precursor to all that ails humanity, Avidya. It is the first of the five kleshas, or impediments, that create a divided mind, and by projection, a divided world. The Sanskrit term is defined as “not seeing clearly” and is commonly called ignorance. As I was procrastinating writing in favor of a coffee break, as synchronicities often have it , I began sorting through some old business cards. Among them was one from a local photographer with embossing on the back that read: “My photography can best be described as an exercise in seeing.”

What the camera sees may indeed be framed by the photographer and enhanced with digital magic, but in its pure form it reflects only what is there, without any judgment about what it “sees.” Ignorance, by this definition, is imposing our egos and attachments (two more kleshas) on what we are trying to see. The greatest ignorance is not that which comes from being undereducated or illiterate, but from willfully ignoring the truth of ourselves and others.

Wisdom is nothing more than the clear vision of innocence. It doesn’t see with the duality of two eyes looking outward, but with one heart looking inward. The child jumps into the lap of anyone with open arms with no thought about race, gender identity, culture, or religion. The child will watch without judgment, the one with closed arms and often in that innocent approach, the rigid stance will begin to crumble. It’s not easy to stay in the heart space of wisdom with this world’s major and minor distractions and annoyances. Every day brings challenges, large and small. It’s a practice for me to breathe and stay in my heart, and to not take it out on the innocent person at the other end of the line when they finally answer after I endured 20 minutes of bad elevator music and the recording telling me how important my call is, and that, my wait time will be approximately one minute…20 times.

Eventually, a kind human answers with apologies and gratitude for my patience. I manage to stay in my heart and we make a connection. He puts me on hold interminably to find answers to my questions. I breathe again and stay in my heart. He’s back and we again connect, even laugh a little and hang up with a sense of mutual respect. That went well. Patanjali is right, if we stay in our hearts (wisdom) we can build an inner state of being based on connection, understanding and friendship. The spiritual perception of our human condition will dawn.


About Lynne Minton:

Lynne Minton - Iyengar Yoga

Lynne Minton has been a student of yoga since 1975. BKS Iyengar certified her to teach in 1984, Master teachers who have been her mentors include Geeta Iyenga, Donald Moyer, Judith Lasater and Fr. Joe Pererira. Lynne is currently fascinated by studies at the intersection of modern science and consciousness: particularly the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

In 1982, Lynne became a full time yoga instructor when she founded and became the director of Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage, Alaska. She developed 200 and 300 hour teacher training programs which were implemented in Alaska, Ohio, and Arizona.

Lynne facilitates workshops and annual retreats as well as ongoing classes on Zoom. Her students consistently describe Lynne’s classes as inspiring, fun and deep.

Lynne grew up in Wisconsin. Her love of travel and degree in Environmental Geology brought her to play and work in Alaska in 1975. That year she met future husband, Jim. They have been married since 1978. Together they enjoy camping, flying, overseas travel and their wonderful community of family and friends. Lynne also loves to sing, hula, play her ukulele, garden, bike and hike. They currently reside in Bellingham, WA.

Learn more about Lynne: lynneminton.com

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