Yoga Summer Camp: Practice, Nature, Friends, Learning, and Fun

Yoga Summer Camp: Practice, Nature, Friends, Learning, and Fun - Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie Lasater

Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie Lasater
August 3 - 10, 2024
Feathered Pipe Ranch




Program Tuition & Basic Accommodations: $2695

*Wait List Only: If you wish to be contacted if a spot opens, click here.


What do we mean by summer camp?

Whether or not you actually went to summer camp as a kid, this week at the Ranch evokes summer camp as a state of being. Summer camp is a place to make new friends, play, laugh, enjoy being outside, feel safe, grow, and learn about yourself. It’s a place to lose track of time. To feel creative. And to more fully inhabit your body.

This is what we’ll do together under the big Montana sky. All in the context of slowing down and sharing yoga.

Do you need a retreat?

Yoga Summer Camp: Practice, Nature, Friends, Learning, and Fun - Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie LasaterA retreat is a special form of vacation. Taking a week off from your life has an almost endless list of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. And disconnecting from the overwhelming business and incessant digital input of our lives is more urgent now than ever.

Here’s a partial list of what you may experience retreat with Judith and Lizzie:

Reconnect to your body each morning in the active asana classes. Motion is lotion!
Reset your baseline stress level with the deeply powerful practices of Restorative yoga.
Befriend your breath with simple Pranayama practices.
Find the silence that always lives inside during daily meditations.
Nourish yourself with plant-rich meals enjoyed slowly in conversation with new friends.
Laugh a lot.
Walk everywhere and spend lots of time outside.
Enjoy empty unstructured time to read and daydream and nap.
Re-invigorate your connection to yoga practice, returning to your life inspired to establish a more regular home practice.

What’s the active yoga like?

In the mornings, we’ll practice Slooow Flow: Lizzie’s well-aligned breath-based unhurried style of vinyasa yoga. We’ll also include some simple Somatic Strength training to find, and feed, the frame of your body.

Compared to Judith’s other retreat offering at the Ranch this summer, the mornings will be more active and challenging this week.

What is Restorative yoga?

Restorative Yoga - Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie LasaterIn the afternoons we’ll practice Restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is the use of props to support the body in positions of comfort and ease to facilitate relaxation and health. In this way, we use the in-born systems of the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

This system is responsible for digestion, elimination, fertility, immunity, hormone regulation, and so much more. In our fast-paced smart phone-addled lives, we have forgotten how to honor the body’s natural rhythms and requirements for rest.

Restorative yoga reduces hyperactivity in the frontal cortex and helps us to regulate interoceptive awareness. When we practice, our brain waves change: shifting from Beta (active state) through Alpha (meditative state) into the deeper Theta (dream state) and Delta (sleep state) waves.

More than just rest, Restorative practices promote physical, emotional, and psychological healing.

What do you mean ‘the pelvis is everything’?

Mid-week Judith will offer a longer workshop-style session called The Pelvis is Everything. Here we’ll explore the pelvis as the center of movement in asana and in life. We think you’ll enjoy un-learning our inherited movement patterns that don’t honor the inherent intelligence of your body.

What makes a week at the Feathered Pipe Ranch unique?

Restorative Yoga - Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie LasaterIt’s basically glamping. Which means glamorous camping. No matter what accommodation you choose (cabin, yurt, tent, or tipi) you’ll sleep in a warm bed, use a real bathroom, and eat real meals in the comfort of the dining room.

Speaking of food, the Ranch cooks three real-food meals a day. No processed food!

The large property is surrounded by National Forest Land so other than the Ranch cabins, yurts, tents and tipis, you don’t see any other man-made structures.

Practicing yoga with a group of people for a whole week in this special place naturally grows a sense of community. Judith and Lizzie encourage an inclusive and non-intimidating attitude to the practice.

The private lake is yours to explore via swimming, kayaking, or simply walking the trail around it. The bathhouse with hot tub, sauna, and massage rooms helps you to unwind stored tension and trauma in your tissues.

It’s a rare gift to live isolated from the hustle and buzz of our more urban lives. This simple act of withdrawing to the woods makes silence so much easier to find.

How is the teaching divided between Judith and Lizzie?

Roughly ⅓ of the teaching time will be lead by Judith, with Lizzie teaching ⅔ of the retreat. Lizzie will offer the active morning sessions and some Restorative afternoons. Judith plans to offer a mid-week workshop-style session called “The Pelvis is Everything” and two evening Q&A sessions.

Learn more about Feathered Pipe Ranch’s COVID-19 safety protocol.




Yoga Practice, Nature, Friends, Learning, and Fun - Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie Lasater“Thank you for the patient and kind help in class. I felt safe and free to ask questions at all times. I’m “hooked” on Restorative Yoga.”

“You all are so warm, loving, caring and welcoming. Thank you for an amazing week in the most beautiful setting possible! I loved every minute and am so grateful!”

“I had a wonderful, joyful, introspective time and I am sure I will be back. I have to bring friend. Much gratitude!”


RETREAT TIP! Extend your time in peace and beauty while savoring Western hospitality by spending some time exploring the great West’s National Park treasures either before or after your retreat with Lizzie Lasater and Judith Hanson Lasater at the Ranch. Glacier National Park is a glorious and scenic 3.5-hour drive north and west of Feathered Pipe, while Yellowstone is just a 4.5 hour drive south and east of the Ranch through some of the prettiest Western territory you’ll ever see.



Judith Hanson Lasater - Restorative Yoga

Judith Hanson Lasater has taught yoga since 1971. She holds a doctorate in East-West psychology and is a physical therapist. Dr. Lasater is the president emeritus of the California Yoga Teachers Association and is one of the founders of Yoga Journal magazine.

She trains yoga teachers in asana, kinesiology, yoga therapeutics, the Yoga Sutras, and Nonviolent Communication, and she is a pioneer in the teaching and practice of Restorative yoga.

As a mom of three, grandma of ten, and author of 11 books about yoga, Judith understands the allure of busyness. But she also deeply appreciates the urgency of slowing down, not just for ourselves but for our families, friends, and the planet.

Learn more about Judith:


Lizzie Lasater - Restorative Yoga

As a working mom of four-year-old twin boys, Lizzie very much understands the importance of sustainable self-care.

Lizzie grew up in California, where she began teaching vinyasa yoga in 2004. She then studied design at Columbia University in New York City where she met her Austrian architect husband.

She now lives in Salzburg, producing and hosting Zoom yoga courses. Lizzie also writes a free weekly newsletter, Rest with Lizzie Lasater.



Nature Retreat - Feathered Pipe RanchProgram Tuition & Basic Accommodations: $2695

*Wait List Only: If you wish to be contacted if a spot opens, click here.




Registration deposit required: A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure online registration. Full payment is due eight weeks before the start of the program.

Tuition fee includes: Triple Occupancy Main Lodge, Shared Yurt/Deluxe Wall Tent/Sai Condo, or Single Tipi/Tent, plus meals and use of all amenities – our bathhouse, sauna, hot tub, as well as all the Feathered Pipe Ranch facilities and grounds. Upgraded accommodation are available.

Additional lodging upgrade pricing: Click here

Full description of accommodations options: Click here

The retreat will include:

7-nights indoor or outdoor accommodations (upgraded accommodations require an additional fee)
 All daily classes and group sessions, suitable for all
Delicious and lovingly prepared international cuisine
 Shuttle service from/to Helena Regional Airport on arrival/departure day
Full access to the extensive Feathered Pipe grounds (including the hot tub and sauna)

Not included:

Any/all excursions off-campus
 Bodywork & Massage
Montana Accommodation Tax $25
 Staff gratuities

Shuttle service: Shuttle service from/to Helena Regional Airport on arrival/departure day is complimentary (free) for all registered guests. Please note that if you are needing pick-up or drop-off on any other day, that there will be a $35 one-way charge.

Arrival and departure: Please plan to arrive at the Feathered Pipe Ranch no later than 5pm on the arrival day (Saturday, 3 August) of your retreat so you can join us for a tour of the grounds before dinner at 6:30pm and our group evening orientation following dinner. Please arrange to leave the Ranch in the morning or early afternoon of departure day (Saturday, 10 August). Checkout is at 9am, and guests are welcome to stay at the Ranch until their flight leaves that day.

Interested, but still need more information? Visit our FAQ page, drop us a message including your contact details here, or give us a ring at (406) 442-8196.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you!

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