Feathered Pipe Ranch COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Feathered Pipe Ranch COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Updated: September 29, 2022

Please Note: Protocols are subject to change based on recommendations from CDC, state and federal laws, and/or local department of health.

Pre-arrival COVID-19 Testing:

All guests will need to have a negative COVID-19 test (antigen or PCR) taken 1 day before your program’s start date. Rapid antigen self-tests are acceptable and can be ordered for free at covidtests.gov.

 Exceptions to a negative test will be made for those who have recently recovered from COVID-19 as per CDC guidelines. If you just had COVID-19, are past the quarantine period of 5 days, and in the 5-day masking period (in which the CDC has designated to be past the infectious phase) you may still come to a workshop provided that you do not have active symptoms.

Shuttle & Arrival Protocol:

Feathered Pipe staff will clean/sanitize the shuttle’s interior between each transport.
 Wearing of masks is not required during transport to the Ranch but strongly recommended as a precaution after travel via public/air transport.
Upon arrival, Feathered Pipe staff will confirm with you that you tested negative for COVID-19 within 1 day prior to arrival.
Guests should inform Feathered Pipe staff if they are in any way feeling ill. We have rapid antigen tests on hand.

All Indoor Common Area Protocol:

Program presenter/teacher will define specific safety protocol for all classes which may or may not include mask wearing.
Registrants are requested to bring their own mat.
UV sanitizer for yoga mats will be available for use throughout the program.
Hand sanitizer is readily available, although hand washing is the best and accessible in all common area facilities.
 Upon request of teacher, props, blankets and mats should be cleared by program participants in a manner that will allow staff to clean/sanitize the entire room.

Dining Hall/Meal Time Protocol:

Hand sanitizer is readily available, although hand washing is the best and accessible in all common area facilities.
Meals are self-serve buffet with all guests asked to wash/sanitize hands before getting food.
 Indoor and outdoor dining are available with social distancing requested.
Absolutely no guests are allowed in the kitchen.

Accommodations Protocol:

Housekeeping thoroughly cleans/sanitizes all accommodations between programs.
General housekeeping is available on a daily basis with all staff following health department safety guidelines.

Bathhouse Protocol:

Hand sanitizer is readily available, although hand washing is the best and accessible in all common area facilities.
A limit of four people in the changing room at any one time is requested.
A limit of six people in the sink/shower area at any one time is requested.
Hot tub and sauna are open with restrictions – maximum of four people at any one time in the sauna and maximum of two in the hot tub is requested.

Bodywork & Massage Protocol:

Bodywork and massage is available in a modified form that follows all health department protocol, with both caregiver and receiver encouraged to wear a mask.
All equipment and facilities within the bodywork and massage therapy room is cleaned/sanitized by staff between individual sessions.

Staff Protocol:

Staff working at Feathered Pipe Ranch onsite tests regularly.
If a staff member in any way feels sick before or during a work shift, they are required to report to management immediately. They will be asked to take a COVID-19 test and sent home immediately.

Quarantine Protocol:

If a participant becomes ill during a program, the participant should immediately come forward and inform staff. They will be provided with a rapid antigen test.
If they test positive, they can stay in a quarantine accommodation on the Feathered Pipe Ranch grounds for the duration of program.
If quarantine is necessary after the end date of the program, Feathered Pipe will assist in locating a suitable accommodation in Helena for the participant.
The Feathered Pipe Foundation, however, WILL NOT be held responsible for any ensuing housing, medical, or travel delay/change/cancellation costs due to quarantine and/or illness.


*We STRONGLY URGE all program participants to purchase travel insurance with substantial COVID-19 coverage upon finalizing registration. A couple options are roamright.com or travelexinsurance.com, which both offer coverage at a reasonable rate.