MOOXLI: Move Your Mindset, Oxygenate Your Soul, Live Differently

MOOXLI: Move Your Mindset, Oxygenate Your Soul, Live Differently

In 2022, 500,000 nurses across all levels of training and specialty will leave the hospital bedside for jobs in other industries or outside of the hospital setting stating burnout as a primary reason for the exodus.

Nurse residents are also under stress:

“My flame is going out” 

“I was a burnt out COVID ICU nurse before starting school and now I’m giving everything I have left in the tank to finish”

Here at Mooxli, we realize that in order to change healthcare culture we must connect with nursing residents and students and equip them with the resources they need to address compassion fatigue and workplace burnout.

Nursing residents and students incur large amounts of education debt and are unable to work during their rigorous course load. A Mooxli scholarship pays tuition fees while the student covers travel and lodging.

As a company, Mooxli has committed to sponsoring 6 residents and students during the 2022 retreat season. Sarah Bergakker, Nurse Anesthesiologist and founder of Mooxli, reached out to the Feathered Pipe Foundation seeking support in bringing 4 additional scholarship awardees to Mooxli’s Summer 2022 retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. When the Foundation established interest in supporting this endeavor, Sarah was then able to secure a commitment of matching funds from the nurse anesthesiologists’ community.

Mooxli is excited to be returning to Feathered Pipe Ranch and we are grateful that we were able to recruit scholarship applicants that represent the diversity of our profession for our Summer 2022 Retreat, Resilience and Trauma Recovery for Compassion Fatigue.

Thanks to the Feathered Pipe Foundation, Mooxli will be able to host additional students and residents this year and we are excited about the massive “dandelion effect” this support has already started.





MOOXLI is a continuing education retreat community that serves healthcare professionals and human service providers as they build the skills they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Mooxli’s mission is to address burnout at the individual level through teaching resilience and offering a new supported path forward, all while awarding mandatory continuing education credits to attendees.


Sarah Bergakker
Founder of Mooxli

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