The Healing Way of the Heart - Brant Secunda

The Healing Way of the Heart – Brant Secunda

“Applied hope is a very deliberate choice of heart and head to do each day the things, make the choices that will create a world worth being hopeful about.”

~ Amory Lovins


Dear Friends,

Happy Spring! We are excited that spring is here and summer is on the way. In June, we are thrilled to have Brant Secunda return to the the Feathered Pipe Ranch for a Summer Solstice Shamanism Retreat. Please enjoy Brant’s article about the Huichol way and the Feathered Pipe Ranch. On Saturday, April 2, we are hosting a Greet-All with Brant on Zoom to talk a little about the upcoming retreat at the Ranch with live Q & A. Please join us for this free event.

Also, don’t forget to join us for our latest episode of the Dandelion Effect Podcast. Physicist and one of the true game-changers in the world of clean energy system development, Amory Lovins, invites us to view our shared future from an inspired, hopeful, and abundant perspective.

With gratitude,
Crystal Water

Message from Brant:

Brant Secunda - Huichol ShamanismThe Feathered Pipe Ranch is such a special place because it is in the middle of nature. I always remember how I brought don Jose Matsuwa, my teacher, my Huichol grandfather and close companion to the ranch and how much he loved it there. He too felt it was a very powerful place.

Our workshop at the ranch will help us to find our lives and complete ourselves a little bit more as human beings through our teaching circles, sacred ceremony and pilgrimage. We will also make a journey to one of the oldest caves in North America, to an ancient ceremonial chamber where a stone altar and mastodon bones were found. It is an incredible experience.

The ranch is a spectacular place to learn Huichol practices that will empower your life. These practices can help to heal yourself, your community and Mother Earth. Remember that together we can help heal the world by practicing and living the healing way of the heart.

The Huichol Way of Healing

Feathered Pipe - ShamanismThe Huichol way is about opening your heart and soul to all of life, to all of creation, and connecting with the spiritual world of nature. It is important for us to connect with the birds and animals, the flowers, the mountains, the lakes, and the four directions. This helps make us whole and complete human beings. Connecting with nature helps us to heal our bodies, hearts and spirits.

When we learn to live through the heart, we become more whole and complete and experience more joy in our lives. This helps us to feel a part of all life, not a separate entity. We are never alone when we connect with the world around us.

Shamanism teaches us to connect with the spirit of each season. As we find our place in each season, we learn our power and where we fit in the circle of life.

Summer is the time of light, the relationship of light to darkness. It is the time to find more of our own light in summer and to empower ourselves with the light of Father Sun. We must pay attention and focus to take in the light of Father Sun.

In the summer, our spirits are free because the light is free, energy is free. Just like the trees reach to the sky to take the light in summer, our spirit is reaching out to bring back that light from the sun.

We are no different than nature. All of nature reaches out in the summer toward the light. All energy is pushing upward. Energy, body, heart and spirit all expand in the summertime.

I am so happy to return to the Feathered Pipe Ranch once again to celebrate the Summer Solstice and all of life with you.


Hope to see you there,
Brant Secunda

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