A Life Well Lived: An ONLINE Celebration of India Supera’s Life

A Life Well Lived: An ONLINE Celebration of India Supera's Life

Feathered Pipe Foundation
July 4, 2020 - 10am MDT
Online - RSVP Required




*This is a free event. Your generous donation in memory of India is greatly appreciated.


India Supera, founder, visionary, long-time executive director of the Feathered Pipe Foundation, and inspiration to so many passed away after a brave battle with liver cancer on October 29, 2019. In the aftermath, the out-pouring of love and remembrance has been extraordinary. Individuals from all walks of life and from all over the world have reached out to express and show gratitude for the effect India and the Feathered Pipe had on their lives during her life of service.

Celebration of India Supera - Feathered Pipe RanchWe had hoped to host a grand celebration of India’s life during our 45th anniversary here at the Feathered Pipe Ranch during the Fourth of July weekend. Unfortunately COVID-19 has thrown a very big monkey wrench in that plan. Instead, we are inviting all alumni, fellow travelers, and everyone that was touched by India’s life mission and journey, to join us online for a virtual gathering on Saturday, July 4, at 10am Mountain Time (16:00 UTC) to celebrate and honor a life very well lived.


Celebration Schedule:

A Life Well Lived: An ONLINE Celebration of India Supera's LifeThe celebration will be somewhat spontaneous and at the mercy of technology because it will be live, but our plan is for main event to last about an hour and then have some trailing events for those who can stay on. You know, India loved it when stories and meetings kept on going long after they were supposed to end.

We hope to include an opening prayer from Brant Secunda, India’s eulogy, some messages from her immediate family, music from Meri Superak, Doug Holly & Jane Horton and the Drum Brothers, a minute of silent remembrance, Jean Shinoda Bolen speaking of their adventures together and leading us to chant out simultaneously, Karma Tensum speaking of her work with TCEF, photos and short video clips of some important moments such as hanging the prayer flags and spreading her ashes, chanting of Bhaja Govindam, and a closing poem by Judith Hanson Lasater, among any number of other possible surprises!

Due to time restraints and an expected large turnout, it will not be possible to go around to hear your memory or stories of India at the live event. Via Zoom’s chat function you can type in your prayers and memories in during the celebration. We’d love to hear your stories and memories of India and invite you to share your memories here. We intend to include them all within our ongoing Feathered Pipe archival project.

Please send a feather and a prayer flag (or prayer on paper) to Crystal Water, PO Box 103, Helena, MT 59624.  We will put the feathers out near where her ashes are spread and will read each prayer for you as we place your feather. The prayer flags will be strung and hung by the Stupa and the Peace Garden. This will bring your physical connection and spiritual sentiments directly to the Ranch, even when you can’t be here in person.

Other ways to participate:

Join us during the week of July 6 – 11 for our 45th Anniversary Online Workshop Fundraiser: We are completely blown away with the enthusiastic response from many of our most loved teacher alumni after inviting them to present online mini-workshops in honor of India’s life and her 45 years of service and giving. All classes are donation-based and will serve as a grand fundraiser for the Feathered Pipe Foundation. Your generosity is encouraged and deeply appreciated. Check out the stellar lineup and register here.

Come to the Ranch when the time is right: We’d of course love to see you when responsibly possible. You can come and honor India by doing a ceremony or prayer when you are at a workshop or passing through town. (Please contact us before coming.) Throughout the summer we will also have supplies for making prayer flags on hand for you to make if you are here.

So far, we are planning to cautiously proceed with most of our summer retreats from mid-July onward as long as it seems prudent. Montana has entered phase 2 of re-opening, expanding to allowed groups of up to 50 people. We have created an enhanced safety protocol for social distancing and cleaning measures. Explore the 2020 retreat lineup here.

A Life Well Lived: An ONLINE Celebration of India Supera's LifeDonate to your local food bank: India LOVED feeding people. We will be donating food and/or money to our local food bank and organizations who feed hungry people with the money that we would have spent feeding the hundreds of people who would have been at the party. We have already done several “poor feedings” (as they are called in India), in Puttaparthi and Varanasi, India, after holding ceremonies for her in those places.

Last but not least, donate to the Feathered Pipe Foundation (or your favorite non-profit) in India’s honor: The best way we see to celebrate India’s life is to continue the amazing work she did through Feathered Pipe Foundation. Your kind donation will help us do that. Of course, these times are difficult for non-profit foundations everywhere and we know she would love it if you donated to any one of your favorite ones..

For more information about the Feathered Pipe Ranch, visit our FAQ page, contact us at info@featheredpipe.com.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you!