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Volunteer Opportunities at the Feathered Pipe Ranch: Join Our Team

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Feathered Pipe Foundation! On-site volunteer opportunities at the Feathered Pipe Ranch are available from May through October, with off-site remote opportunity to get involved and support our mission year round.

Feathered Pipe welcomes your generosity in donating your time doing what you do best. Recently, for example, some generous and creative individuals have helped us in areas such as, gardening, finding and writing grants, and offering business consulting services. These are highly skilled people who are volunteering their time and it is heartwarming and helpful! You can assist with off-site remote work or on-site work such as cleaning, weeding the garden, or clearing trails.

We provide the Feathered Pipe Ranch as a magical place for transformation, inspiration, and growth. There are many ways to contribute to the Feathered Pipe and help us thrive long into the future.  You can learn more here about our ‘good works’, how we plan to make it happen, and how you can help here.


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