Feathered Pipe 45th Anniversary Celebration – Howard Levin



The Feathered Pipe Ranch Story - Howard LevinOur dearest long-time ranch manager Howard Levin continues the long tradition of sharing the story of how the Ranch came to be. Having met India Supera, founder and visionary of the Feathered Pipe Foundation, in 1968 on the Greek-Turkish border while they were both finding their way to India, the story takes many strange twists and turns that ultimately brought this strange trip to manifest a reality called the Feathered Pipe Ranch.

In July 2019, Amy Stephan and Andy Vantrease sat down with longtime ranch manager Howard Levin in his one bedroom cabin, just past the Lake Tipi on the Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, Montana. After quieting the Hindi tunes and shifting seats—away from the armchair that “wasn’t for sitting”—the questions begin. Here, Howard opens up about the past 50 years of travel, devotion and service. Read the delightful interview here.

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