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Mystery Loaf – Feathered Pipe Cookbook

Mystery Loaf got its name from the fact that the basic mixture devoured a bewildering number of things in its path in quantities unknown. The recipe has been often requested never before given. The present conditions of mankind demands that it be revealed.

Seriously…Mystery Loaf is a cheap, healthful and (with luck) delicious entree can be made easily from an assortment of leftover vegetables, bread scraps, cheese, salad dressings, or what you have.


Mystery Loaf
Serves more than a couple



— The original Mystery Loaf was created to use soy pulp left over from tofu production. Combined roughly 50-50 with ground up 3-day sprouted wheat and seasoned with garlic, cayenne, caraway, miso or tamari, the pulp was well-used, providing a balanced protein, low-fat staple in our diet.


— Combine available ingredients
— Season to taste
— Bake until done
— Save leftovers for starter

*It was especially good with a gravy made of tamari and water thickened with whole wheat flour and seasoned with garlic, onion, ginger, honey and/or mushrooms.

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