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New Beginnings: Finding Direction – Crystal Water

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! May this year be filled health and healing, friendship and love, appreciation for one another’s uniqueness, gratitude for everything wonderful in our lives, letting go and finding new direction.

New Year is a great time to think about new beginnings and how to create a space in our lives for finding and doing what truly matters. You’d think finding direction in life would be easy, but when you get to unknown crossroads or realize you already took the wrong exit, where do you go then?

There is a little oasis in mountains of Montana, called the Feathered Pipe Ranch. It is a place where you can take a step back from the busy world, escape scary news, have a digital detox, focus on the moment and find your direction. We invite you to come be with us this summer at the Ranch. Make new best friends, reconnect with old friends, be immersed in nature, breathe fresh air, drink mountain spring water, eat delicious food and nourish your soul.

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Reflecting on 2019, it was a very challenging year for me with the loss of several close friends, dear pets and most devastatingly, my mother. On the positive side, death brings about deep appreciation for life itself and opens up communication channels. New Year, like death, is a time where you stop in your tracks for profound reflection which helps us to cherish what we have while clearing space for new beginnings.

Last night I dreamed of my mother for the first time since she passed. She was smiling and surrounded by friends. I feel her presence in my heart and soul as she turns my grief into fuel for positive action. I can either sit by idly in a dark space or be driven to make the world a better place through my own small circle of influence. I choose the latter.

Here’s to new beginnings and being inspired by friends. We hope to see you at the Ranch!


With Love, Compassion and Optimism,

Crystal Water
Feathered Pipe Foundation Executive Director

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