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Love and Goodness: The Basic Truth of You – Erich Schiffmann

Stillness is at the core of your being. As you get in touch with it you learn that you are part of God. You are as natural and legitimate an expression of Nature as a tree or cloud. The creative God Force will then guide you through life and help you make your most important decisions.

The basic truth is that you and I are aspects of creative divine Consciousness, and we are grounded in Love and Goodness. Therefore, as you experience the truth of who you are, you will feel good inside about yourself because you’ll be in touch with the creative energy of Love and Goodness which is already in you. It’s what you are made of. It’s who you are. In other words, you are not who you thought you were. Love and Goodness is the feeling-tone of Being. Every other emotion is a layering on top of your natural state.

Most of us, however, are afraid to discover who we really are. I was. We are afraid because we don’t know what we will find, and because our worst suspicions might be confirmed. We are afraid we will uncover the most horrible stuff, and you may, but underneath it all is the creative energy of Love and Goodness. This displays itself as the need and desire to love and be loved, as well as the simple naturalness of being loving. When you discover this as a truth alive within you, you will relax into a profound sense of welcome relief and comfort. This is what enables you to trust, have faith, and live with renewed optimism.

My primary intention is to foster the awareness of the ever-present supra-personal God Force as It flows through you as you and me as me. Yoga is one means. It is not the only means, but it is a particularly good means. It is not the means we are using right now, for example. The asanas and meditations, however, teach you to feel and be sensitive. They cleanse your body of tension and pain, and thereby help you experience the energy you are made of more clearly. Your innate intelligence, that which has been called the inner Teacher, will then guide you and tell you what to do. You become your own best teacher as you learn to rely on the inner Teacher.

The discipline of yoga is the best way I have come across for taking care of your physical health, and meditation is the best way to experience stillness. Together they are a way of learning to be in the now. Now is where you will most vividly experience the energy of life and is, therefore, where you will feel the most alive. You can only ever feel your connection with God in the now. I use the poses and meditations, therefore, to emphasize the present moment.

The desire for physical health is the lure that gets many people involved with yoga but it is not the main goal, and you discover that. You find something much more meaningful. All of this brings a relaxation on every level because you come upon the natural joy of Being. This is probably how you felt when you were young.


About Erich Schiffmann

Erich Schiffmann - Freedom YogaErich Schiffmann is one of the most respected mentors and yoga teachers in America. Having studied first-hand with Jiddu Krishnamurti, BKS Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Dona Holleman, Vanda Scaravelli, Joel Kramer, Rajpur and others, he has gleaned the best of all of their teachings during his almost fifty years of practice and distilled them within his own experience of yoga. From that he arrived upon a path that has proven to have great resonance with those seeking a deeper sense of stillness, peace and being.

Feathered Pipe has been privileged beyond words to share space with him summer after summer at the Ranch. His teachings and his spirit inspire and enrich all. His wisdom continually validates that there are deep treasures to discovered in the search, and that to seek with curiosity, joy and sincerity is to find.

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