What an Incredible Season with Many More to Come! - Feathered Pipe Foundation

What an Incredible Season with Many More to Come! – Feathered Pipe Foundation

Dear Friends,

What an incredible season! Greetings from the Feathered Pipe Ranch where we are busy tucking in the facilities before winter covers all with a blanket of snow.

We just finished one of the most remarkable season of our almost fifty years of service. We welcomed a record 464 guests to experience life without the static of modern-day life, offering opportunity to look deeper, come to what truly is essential, and then ask, “Why not?”

2023 Season Schedule Coming Soon!

We will be announcing our full 2023 season schedule on October 15th via newsletter, website, and social media, so please do stay tuned! In the meantime, we offer forth Eric’s much-requested recipe for chai:

Place water, black tea (or herbal Rooibos tea), ginger, cardamon, clove powder (proportions – 3:2:1) and sugar (to taste) in pot and bring to boil.

 Add Half & Half in proportion 3 tea to 1 milk (or oat milk in proportion 1 tea to 1 oat milk). Then *IMPORTANT* bring to a boil again.

Give it a try! Then sit back with a cup and enjoy this message and special invitation from Lauren Walker, founder of Energy Medicine Yoga, who will again be joining us in 2023.

~ Feathered Pipe Foundation


Making the Invisible Visible: Unlock the True Healing Power of Yoga

What an Incredible Season with Many More to Come! - Feathered Pipe FoundationWhen I first met Donna Eden and told her I lived in Montana, her face lit up even more than it already was. “Montana!” she said, “Do you know The Feathered Pipe Ranch?” I certainly did know of the ranch. I had taken a wonderful retreat there, and remembered the incredible landscape, the delicious food, the wonderful people.

“I used to teach there,” she said. “Do you know India?”

India Supera, of course, is the legendary founder of Feathered Pipe Ranch. I did not know her then, but I longed to. I longed to go back to ranch, and this time as a teacher.

If you knew India, you know she was a magnetic person who sprinkled magic on everyone she met. You know that she was a connector, and that by knowing her, you were connected to her hundreds of friends all over the world. If you knew India, you know that her magic reached far and wide and touched everyone. And so I wasn’t surprised that my connection with Donna was strengthened by this link.

But at the time, I could not have known that my meeting Donna, and studying her work, would change my life so dramatically. I could not have known that under her mentorship, I would create an entirely new style of yoga and write three books on that yoga. Or that I would name it Energy Medicine Yoga, a direct nod to the lineage that Donna began by creating Eden Energy Medicine.

What an Incredible Season with Many More to Come! - Feathered Pipe FoundationLinking up with Donna and then at last, meeting India, was the magical loop that continues spiraling to this day.

What I did know, at that very first meeting with Donna Eden, was that she was special. And that I loved her instantly, the moment I saw her. This was the same thing that happened with India!

I also knew that if I ever had the opportunity to teach WITH Donna, I would do it, no matter what it took!

Well, that opportunity came, and it took a lot, a really lot, of hard work, and planning and organizing. But it was worth it!

Are you curious to see what one of the top healers in the world, who actually SEES energy, has to say about a 5000 year old practice made modern by weaving energy all through it?

Are you curious to learn a Personal Prescription Practice that can help you heal anything in your life?

This is exactly what we do together in our course: Making the Invisible Visible: Unlock the True Healing Power of Yoga.

We filmed this course before the world shut down, and some of you were lucky enough to see it then. Now, we feel this work is needed in the world more than ever! So we are releasing it again, with more content, better organization and a slew of new amazing bonuses, including a Yoga Nidra meditation recorded this summer at The Feathered Pipe Ranch!

If you’re even the tiniest bit curious about what EMYoga can do for you, how you can access its power to heal, thrive and manifest abundance in your life, you definitely want to click this link to learn more!


Lauren Walker
Founder of Energy Medicine Yoga

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