Feathered Pipe Scholarship Program: Round 2 is Now Open

Feathered Pipe Scholarship Program: Round 2 is Now Open

Dear Friends,

While the Montana snow fairies apparently didn’t get the memo, spring is upon us! This month we start the process of spring cleaning and opening the facilities at Feathered Pipe Ranch as we gear up for the season.

To get you in the flow, we’d like to share a new article and inspired@FeatheredPipe poem as well as offer a second round of scholarships.

Feathered Pipe Scholarship Application Period Round 2 is OPEN from April 3 – 13, 2024. Notification by April 17, 2024.

Scholarships ranging from $500-$750 are available for the following 2024 retreat programs:

Baxter Bell & Melina Meza: Journey to Joy: Adventure, Creativity, and Yoga Retreat
Lara Warren: The Alchemy Of Yoga & Creative Self-Expression: An Iyengar Yoga Intensive
Lanita Varshell & Diane Ambrosini: Opening to the Joyful Flow of Life: Mindfulness, Gentle Yoga & Joyful Movement

Scholarship awards are deducted from retreat tuition and do not cover the full cost of attending a retreat program. Check the website for details about a particular retreat’s tuition and please consider your travel costs before applying. More details can be found on the Feathered Pipe Scholarship page. Click here to learn more and apply.

We give a deep bow of gratitude to all the donors who have helped make the Feathered Pipe Scholarship program possible. Thank you.

Inspired@Feathered Pipe

Feathered Pipe Scholarship Program: Round 2 is Now OpenEven if you haven’t yet had the chance to walk the labyrinth at Feathered Pipe Ranch, Lanita Varshell’s Poem “Walking the Labyrinth” can help you feel the energy. Originally written in 2007 at the Ranch, Lanita now narrates as it is coupled with footage from her 2023 retreat program filmed by Kai Lee of Subtle Dream. You can also join Lanita and Diane Ambrosini to walk the labyrinth in person during their August retreat program.

The Yoga of Pottery

Lara Warren shares in her article The Synergistic Nature Of Yoga & Pottery: Creative Transformation the fascinating similarities between pottery and yoga, both being a blend of science, art, and philosophy. During Lara’s retreat at Feathered Pipe Ranch this summer, participants will have the unique opportunity to explore these connections hands on.


With love and gratitude,
Crystal Water
Executive Director of Feathered Pipe Foundation

*Featured image credits: Kai Lee of Subtle Dream

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