The Dandelion Effect Podcast: Spreading the Seeds of Empowerment

The Dandelion Effect: Spreading the Seeds of Empowerment – Crystal Water

In the year since my mom and Feathered Pipe Founder India Supera passed away, it’s hard to fathom how much craziness has happened in the world. It’s been turned upside down by the pandemic, we experience the anxiety of an election year, isolation and separation from loved ones, screen time overload, and general exhaustion.

It is during these especially challenging times, that it becomes even more vital to find ways to become creative, work towards something positive, and get motivated to change your life or someone else’s for the better so as to move beyond despair and into hope.

While I have been deeply mourning the loss of my mother, I have also been inspired by her legacy and encouraged to continue where she left off. This past year I’ve been continuously surprised and inspired by the stories of people who ended up taking their path in life because of confidence and direction they got through Feathered Pipe and India Supera. It reflects the lasting impact Feathered Pipe has had through it’s ripple effect in creating a more beautiful world.

The Dandelion Effect Podcast

Spreading the Seeds of Empowerment - Feathered PipeWe’d like to share the inspiration and increase the accessibility of the Feathered Pipe wisdom to you through our new podcast called The Dandelion Effect. Jean Shinoda Bolen recently wrote about the idea of the Dandelion Effect, how while we are separated, we are also able to spread seeds of ideas all around the world through the “winds of the internet.” The analogy of a dandelion really is another way to express the ripple effect or planting seeds in people to become empowered and/or leaders to do good work in the world. You don’t know where it is going to land or what will grow, but it could be pleasantly surprising.

My mom always loved actual dandelions, especially on the front lawn of the Ranch creating a big blanket of yellow. She never saw them as weeds. She also never saw people as “weeds” rather she saw they were beautiful and that they had potential to bloom and then spread their “seeds” as well.

I hope that through Feathered Pipe’s podcast The Dandelion Effect that we will succeed in spreading the seeds of India’s legacy of positive empowerment through diverse stories in crazy wisdom and miracles while helping you dream of basking in the sun in an expansive lawn of yellow dandelions with dear friends at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Please view our workshop lineup for 2021.

Speaking of dear friends and lawns, please read our latest interview with Paul and Gail Wilson. While living a bit behind the scenes just near the Ranch, they have played an integral part since the early days. My honorary aunt and uncle in some ways are a bit like secret elves, watching out for the place and doing so much out of the goodness of their hearts. This summer on many occasions, I came home to the Ranch only to see like magic the lawn was perfectly mowed…


With gratitude and dandelions,

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