Seeing the Forest from the Trees - Feathered Pipe Foundation

Seeing the Forest from the Trees – Feathered Pipe Foundation

“Raise your personal vibration, and the vibration of the world is raised. When enough people on the planet are working with their embodiment in this way, we will know Peace for Humanity.”

~ Dr. Michael Lennox


Dear Friends,

It’s often hard in these days to see the forest from the trees. With the world lurching from one seeming crisis to another, we all need to be reminded about the value of pausing, releasing a long exhale, and coming back to our own ground. We’re of little use to the urgent needs of this beautiful, needful world otherwise.

We hope that you each are finding ways to create space and turn inward now and again in these chaotic and confusing times. Listen to the whisper of your inner voice, take some time to tune out the din and breathless clamor long enough to hear the whisper of your inner voice. What arises from that acquired wisdom is an immortal treasure: your own clarity about what constitutes the most meaningful response and action.

The Dandelion Effect

Seeing the Forest from the Trees - Feathered Pipe FoundationThis week on The Dandelion Effect podcast, we are honored to share a conversation with Karma Tensum, Tibetan refugee and founder of the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation (TCEF). His story offers an incredibly valuable reminder to cherish the miracles present in even the most difficult of struggles.

Karma was born in Tibet and escaped to India with his family at a very young age, fleeing the violent Chinese Occupation of Tibet in 1959. He has dedicated his life to Tibetan children in various capacities—as a teacher, administrator, planner and fundraiser in both Dharamsala and Clement Town, India. As executive director of TCEF, Karma has called Montana home for 18 years now. Enjoy the inspiring conversation here.

Nat Kendall, one of our dearest friends and on-going retreat presenter at the Ranch, as well shares his perspective on our shared journey to here, and how best we might use the tools honed through our personal practice to forge the path forward, facing tomorrow’s challenges with courage and devotion.


Faith & Gratitude,
Feathered Pipe Foundation

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