A Life Well Lived: A Celebration Of India Supera’s Life


India Supera, founder, visionary, long-time executive director of the Feathered Pipe Foundation, and inspiration to so many passed away after a brave battle with liver cancer on October 29, 2019. In the aftermath, the out-pouring of love and remembrance has been extraordinary. Individuals from all walks of life and from all over the world have reached out to express and show gratitude for the effect India and the Feathered Pipe had on their lives during her life of service.

On July 4, 2020 an online memorial was offered as a grand tribute to India’s life for all who had been touched by her life of love and service. Join us in honoring a life very well lived!

Ways to Honor India’s Life of Giving:

A Life Well Lived: A Celebration of India Supera's LifeCome to the Ranch when the time is right: We’d of course love to see you when responsibly possible. You can come and honor India by doing a ceremony or prayer when you are at a Feathered Pipe workshop or passing through town. (Please contact us before coming.)

Donate to your local food bank: India LOVED feeding people. We will be donating food and/or money to our local food bank and organizations who feed hungry people with the money that we would have spent feeding the hundreds of people who would have been at the party. We have already done several “poor feedings” (as they are called in India), in Puttaparthi and Varanasi, India, after holding ceremonies for her in those places.

Last but not least, donate to the Feathered Pipe Foundation (or your favorite non-profit) in India’s honor: The best way we see to celebrate India’s life is to continue the amazing work she did through Feathered Pipe Foundation. Your kind donation will help us do that. Of course, these times are difficult for non-profit foundations everywhere and we know she would love it if you donated to any one of your favorite ones.

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