The Dandelion Effect Podcast: The Magic Of Living A Connected Life

The Dandelion Effect Podcast: The Magic Of Living A Connected Life

The Dandelion Effect podcast is a space for organic conversation about the magic of living a connected life. Just like the natural world around us, we are all linked through an intricate web, a never-ending ripple that spans across the globe. Here, we explore the ideas that our guests carry through the world, remember who and what inspired them along the way, and uncover the seeds that helped them blossom into their unique version of this human experience.

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Dandelion Effect Podcast: “Best Of Season Two” Episode

To celebrate midseason, we’re airing the "Best of Season Two” episode, a taster to hear pieces of all 12 episodes from our second podcast season. This year feels like a true reunion of humanity. People are open, vulnerable, eager to learn and willing to lean into friendship and healing. At least that’s what I’ve experienced in speaking with guests. A real presence that leaves me optimistic for our collective futures. Listen Here

Donna Eden: Self-Healing with Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine, and she was born with the gift of literally being able to see the body's energies, in the forms of colors and geometrical shapes. Donna has taught tens of thousands of people all over the world how to engage with the healing and restorative power of their own energies, and her time teaching at the Feathered Pipe Ranch played an instrumental role in catapulting her career. Listen Here

Tim Sloffer: A Teacher’s Guide to Lifelong Learning

Tim Sloffer happened upon the Ranch last year while he was applying for a Lilly Teacher Creativity Grant from the Lilly Endowment, a program that began in 1987 as a way to help Indiana elementary and secondary educators renew their commitment to teaching. With zero background in yoga, but a desire to learn how to take better care of himself, Tim Googled “wellness retreats” and found the Feathered Pipe Ranch. Listen Here

Dave Morin: Seeking Balance in the Age of Technology

Dave Morin is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, born and raised in Helena, MT. Currently, he is Co-Founder of Offline Ventures, an investing and inventing company focused on the creation of humanist technology and serving founder potential, and is Chairman of Esalen Institute, a leading center for exploring and realizing human potential through experience, education, and research. Listen Here

VJ Supera: The Magic of Living Without a Map

VJ Supera is the sister of Feathered Pipe Foundation founder, India Supera, and she has been traveling to the most remote corners of the world for nearly 55 years. She rarely—if ever—has taken the comfortable route. Now, at 77 years old, she’s still making her rounds, though trips have taken a different meaning than they did in the days of twenty-something wanderlust. If I have half as much adventure as she has had, I’d consider this a life well-lived. Listen Here

Amory Lovins: Taoism and the Art of Creating a Sustainable Future

Physicist Amory Lovins is Cofounder and Chairman Emeritus of Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization working to transform the global energy system to secure a clean, prosperous, zero-carbon future. A Harvard and Oxford dropout, Time has named him one of the world’s 100 Most Influential People and Foreign Policy, one of the 100 Top Global Thinkers. Listen Here

Linda Kinsey: Healing Historical Trauma

Today’s conversation is with Linda Kinsey, a member of the A'aninin Nation or the “White Clay People”. She is the Native Connections Director for Helena Indian Alliance, helping secure grants for suicide prevention services for native youth, and she also serves with RISE: Reaching Indian Students Everywhere, to educate people on Native American history and encourage folks to learn who they are by learning where they came from. Listen Here

Bob Quinn: The High Cost of Cheap Food

Bob Quinn is a scientist, farmer, out-of-the-box thinker and savvy businessman who has dedicated his entire career to regenerating food systems and educating the public on the connection between soil preservation, nutritious food and human health. With a PhD in Plant Biochemistry, Bob returned to his hometown of Big Sandy, Montana where he took over the family farm and was among the first farmers in Montana to go organic. Listen Here

Rodney Yee: Honoring Ancestry and Exploring the Beginner’s Mind

Anyone who practices yoga in this country today can most certainly give a deep bow to Rodney Yee, as he was paramount in helping to spread yoga across the West. Rodney is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, co-founder of Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, and the author of two books: Yoga: The Poetry of the Body and Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee. Listen Here

Jessica Bugbee: The Way of the Female Warrior

Jessica Bugbee is a U.S. Army combat veteran, wellness director at Hudson Valley National Center for Veteran Reintegration, and co-founder of TRIBE. In today’s conversation, we talk about her life of service, where it started and who inspired it; her experience in the Army, the ways that her military experiences—while technically “over”—are not at all over, and which modalities and healing techniques have helped her overcome. Listen Here

Chef Claudia Krevat: We are One at the Table

Claudia is a chef, a writer, an ambassador with Hola Montana and a lover of all things culture, food and community. She was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. Through her love of fusion foods, Claudia has built a business as a private chef, leading cooking classes, hosting pop-up dinners, catering large events, and always looking for new and exciting ways to collaborate with local farmers, creators and chefs of different backgrounds.  Listen Here

Tom Ryan: A Life Built on the Law of Attraction

Tom Ryan was the caretaker of the Feathered Pipe Ranch for 33 years, originally coming to the Feathered Pipe Ranch in 1975 for a part-time job–and as the story goes, he fell in love and stuck around. Tom tells stories about going from Navy communications specialist to hairdresser to pipe fitter to caretaker of the Ranch. We talk about the Law of Attraction, what it’s meant to him to be given the gift of fatherhood. Listen Here

The Dandelion Effect Podcast Reviews and Love Notes:

-- “I listened to the podcasts with Allison and Danny last weekend and was so impressed with the work. I found the nature of the discussions to be incredibly graceful and informative. I’ve really come to understand better the mission of The Dandelion Effect. From what I’ve listened to so far, it’s absolutely based in a place of kindness, giving, and gentleness.”


-- “I am only 26 minutes into the first episode and I am loving it so much. Remembering that my body innately knows how to heal and that I am right where I need to be. Thank you!”


-- “It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast telling real stories of mindfulness making an impact on people dealing with real issues in today’s turbulent climate. It’s raw, it’s inspiring and I love it.”


-- “Wow! I just listened to my first Dandelion Effect Podcast, the episode with Sarah from Mooxli. I’m so f’ing impressed. You are phenomenal. Thank you!”


-- “I just finished listening to the podcast – in every way, fabulous. I learned so much – and got perspective on the overall big picture of mental health research (its importance, where the obstacles are) and so many other insights. WELL DONE!!!!”


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