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Our founder, India Supera, Executive Director of Feathered Pipe, today spearheads Circle of Friends, a group of like-minded Samaritans assisting impoverished Indians, young and old, with transportation, admission, and financial services to assist them with receiving medical services and live saving surgeries within Sathya Sai Baba’s medical facilities in Puttaparti, India.

Circle of Friends is a trust established to serve those in Indian villages whose needs are not provided for by other agencies and who are at risk of falling through the cracks.  The group is literally a close circle of friends whose hearts were moved after witnessing the intense suffering in Puttaparti and surrounding villages. To date, the group has provided transportation for a young child and his family to secure urgent heart surgery for the child and assisted multiple injured or abused adults facing potentially devastating and life-threatening injuries.

Here’s just one recent story of how Circle of Friends improved the life of someone in need:  A 36-year old man, encouraged as a young boy that he had a good mind and should enroll in school did just that.  Until he was 11 years old, he’d been working in the fields.  His boss, upset that his charge was going to school, beat him severely.  Years later, he fell off a tractor and another boss beat his spine with a stick. By the age of 36, he could no longer walk any distance.  Thanks to intervention by Circle of Friends, he was able to get to Sai Baba’s hospital and endured a 16-hour surgery to repair his spine.  Circle of Friends is now supporting him through his recovery and will work to find him employment and resettle him into a new life when he completes a year of rehabilitation.

Circle of Friends’ service in Puttaparti serves young and old alike – providing transportation for a three-year old boy and his parents to secure life-saving heart surgery for the child, assisting scores of injured or sick with travel for urgently needed medical care, and maintaining a growing orphanage called Happy Home that is already serving 35 children.


Current goals and upcoming projects include:

  • Free medical care by doctors able to visit villages regularly for testing and diagnosis;
  • Purchasing an ambulance to transport patients from the village to Satya Sai Baba hospitals which offer free treatment in Puttaparti and Bangalore;
  • Supplying transportation, food, and lodging for patients and their families to hospitals;
  • Securing sponsorship for more children at the Happy Home orphanage;
  • Providing water filtration systems in government schools;
  • Construction of bathroom facilities in a local government-run hostel for girls whose parents have sent them to Puttaparti to earn their living (currently 61 girls must share one bathroom).

Feel free to contact India Supera for more information concerning sponsoring a Happy Home child or assisting Circle of Friends.

Call us at (406) 442-8196 if you’d like to learn more about the specifics of our projects and how you can be a part of our seva. As well if you desire that your tax-deductible donation go to support specific projects, please contact Executive Director, India Supera, at


We invite you to support our efforts to usher in a new season of humanity through a financial donation.

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