Feathered Pipe Ranch Map


Feathered Pipe Ranch Map: Finding your way around the Ranch

Feathered Pipe Ranch accommodation choices include a variety of private or shared lodging options, ranging from western-style chalet rooms and cabins to glamping favorites – deluxe wall tents, tipis and yurts nestled in the heart of the Montana Rocky Mountains. Their approximate locations of accommodations can be explored here on the Feathered Pipe Ranch map.

Indoor accommodations at the Ranch include comfy 4-bed dorm rooms in the Main Lodge; each with three lower twin beds and one upper bunk and a full bath. The Ranch Chalet has 6 double rooms, 4 with private bathroom and 2 with a shared bathroom. The Honeymoon Cabin is a private indoor accommodation with electricity and bathroom located near the bath house. It is perfect for couples or close friends wanting their own space, sleeping 2 people. Sai Condo is available for those wanting to be more immersed in nature, sleeping 2-3 people. If you stay in Sai Condo, you’ll use our shared bath house with all its amenities – shower, sauna, hot tub, and the chance to get to know your fellow guests who are staying in our tipis, tents, and yurts.

Teachers Cabin and Lake Cabin are available as guest accommodations for select retreats. Both have two large private bedrooms with bath, a living room, and a shared kitchen with limited cooking facilities. Teachers Cabin is nestled in the woods with a small creek running just outside and is located near the bathhouse. Lake Cabin is located across from the Main Lodge on the outskirts of the grand lawn, with a large back patio overlooking the lake.

Outdoor accommodations include yurts, tipis, deluxe wall tents, and regular tents. We provide raised platforms, foam pads or mattresses, lightweight sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and small camp lights. You are welcome to bring your own sleeping bag if you wish, but we have more than enough bedding to keep you warm. For those choosing to stay in our yurt, deluxe wall tent, tipi, or regular tent accommodations, our bathhouse will serve as your bathroom and shower facility — it’s not more than a five-minute walk from any outdoor accommodation.
After retreat registration, Feathered Pipe office staff will contact you to confirm your lodging preference. Accommodations include all meals and use of all amenities – our bathhouse, sauna, hot tub, as well as all the Feathered Pipe Ranch facilities and grounds.

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