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The Feathered Pipe Foundation has been honored to host and train an incredible number of talented leaders, yoga teachers, and other personal growth specialists over our four decades of operation. We are honored to offer you the chance to connect with them using this directory. We invite you to post your own services by submitting your details via our Conscious Living Directory Registration Form. To use our directory – simply select the area in which you want to search for a teacher or studio. To do that:

  1. Enter your location (Full Address, City, and/or ZipCode) in the “Your Location” box. Or, simply use the “Search By City” drop-down menu to select your location.
  2. Next, in the “Radius” box define within what range from your location you wish to search, and then click on “Find Locations“.
  3. The results will then display on the map and appear as a detailed list ordered by proximity below the map.

At any time, you can mouse over and click on the red push pins to get more information about that location.

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