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Fatigue Relief: Bolsters, Blankets, Blocks & Belts – Marla Apt

Too tired. For many it’s the default response to every request—even the fun ones. Some of the walking weary are simply too overworked or overstressed to get adequate rest, while others may feel drained by a physical ailment, a psychological condition, or the side effects of medication. Whatever the cause, all can benefit from the respite that a restorative yoga practice provides. READ MORE

Use of Props for Therapeutic Healing in Iyengar Yoga – Marla Apt

According to Patañjali’s definition, all practitioners of yoga are undergoing a form of therapy, whether it is for a spiritual ailment, a mental misapprehension or a physical illness. In the practice of Iyengar yoga, the therapeutic and meditative benefits are derived through a progressive system involving the sequencing of the asanas (poses) and pranayama (yogic practice involving breath control), attention to... READ MORE

Going Deeper: Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana – Marla Apt

So often in your practice, you’ll feel a craving for deep sensation, like that of a cat luxuriating in its morning stretch. Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-of-the-Knee Pose) is one of those asanas that can inspire this desire, and if you practice with a focus on stretching, the pose can definitely provide a great deal of sensation. READ MORE

Creating a Framework for Freedom – Marla Apt

When we lack clarity in our boundaries with others, we oftentimes become inwardly rigid with fear because all interactions become a minefield of unknown possibilities. As ironic as it may sound, practicing disciplines that read like rules and behavioral restrictions can set us free. Developing a firmness and clarity in our actions and reactions allows us to be fluid, creative, and truly in the moment. READ MORE

Asana for the Ages – Marla Apt

Imagine practicing the same sequence for a lifetime. Senior Intermediate level Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor Marla Apt was asked to suggest one set of poses you could do for decades, with modifications to honor the changes in energy and ability you’ll encounter at different times. READ MORE

Surrender & Silence: Journey to the Center of You

“By drawing our senses of perception inward, we are able to experience the control, silence, and quietness of the mind.”

~BKS Iyengar

Salamba Sarvangasana – Marla Apt

“The importance of Sarvangasana cannot be over-emphasized” BKS Iyengar writes in Light on Yoga. “It is one of the greatest boons conferred on humanity by our ancient sages. Sarvangasana is the Mother of asanas. As a mother strives for harmony and happiness in the home, so this asana strives for harmony and happiness of the human system.” READ MORE

Bharadvajasana – Marla Apt

In your yoga practice you learn to tap a source of calm and stability that is accessible throughout life’s twists and turns. Stabilizing your upright mid-line while twisting in Bharadvajasana can be a training ground for finding inner balance and equanimity when faced with your greatest challenges. READ MORE

Paschimottanasana – Marla Apt

Paschimottanasana means the intense stretch of the west or backside of the body. It is an iconic forward bend that is intense and humbling in its simplicity. Although this is a pose that students who are relatively new to yoga learn, it can take many years of practice to master. READ MORE

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