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Is the Eternal Everlasting? – Dr. Ravi Ravindra

The eternal cannot be approached except by sacrificing the wish for the everlasting. READ MORE

The Spirit’s Voyage – Dr. Ravi Ravindra

The movement in myself from the mask to the face, from the personality to the person, from the performing actor to the ruler of the inner chamber, is the spiritual journey. To live, work, and suffer on this shore in faithfulness to the whispers from the other shore is spiritual life. READ MORE

Personhood, Practice, and Transformation – Dr. Ravi Ravindra

Human beings have a special calling. They can be not only organs of perception in the cosmos but also instruments of right action. With more and more spiritual development, they can invoke the help of higher levels within themselves as well as outside... READ MORE

A Twenty-year Conversation with J. Krishnamurti – Dr. Ravi Ravindra

Here, at last, I was going to meet the great man himself. What was I going to say to him? What did I need to know? What should I ask him? Besides, how could he, or anybody else, say something that would really become a part of myself? READ MORE

Healing the Soul: Truth, Love and God – Dr. Ravi Ravindra

To say that human beings are made in the image of God is a statement of the Real, not of the actual. For the actual to mirror the real needs work and spiritual discipline, a way, a yoga. In the process, the soul is healed as it finds its proper place in the Whole. READ MORE

Aligning to the Divinity Within – Dr. Ravi Ravindra

If we become aware of the strong forces which keep us away from the Real, a deep-seated part in us, a particle of Divinity, wishes to be free of these constricting forces. Within each human being there is an element oriented to the Truth, to God or to Brahman. READ MORE

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