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Just Crazy Enough to Believe – Feathered Pipe Foundation

Winter has settled in at the Ranch for the season with a blanket of snow tucking all in for a much needed time of rest and rejuvenation. Snow came early this year, in mid-September, with a few subsequent weeks of crisp, cool, azure-blue skied days and golden quaking aspens. READ MORE

The Good We Do Together With You – India Supera

An exciting project that I just began, reawakened my appreciation for what we have been up to for more than four decades. I am, finally, after 42 years, compiling the archives of the Feathered Pipe Foundation. It started out simple — just scanning the old brochures and photos. But this stroll down memory lane reminds me of just how much of an impact our Foundation has had in the world. READ MORE

A Water Line, a Mountain Lion, and Ongoing Ranch Love – India Supera

Something is merging, a convergence of energy. I feel closer to interspecies communication. It started three years ago with a momma bear and her cubs, and this year it continues with bears, foxes, a mountain lion (the first time ever), deer, a turtle, the ravens, and all the birds. I feel such deep communication with them. They come into my yard and onto my porch. I think they’re checking on me. READ MORE

Today, More Than Ever – Anne Jablonski

In speaking with more than a few of our beautiful guests this summer, I’m reminded of just how deep, far, and wide runs love for the Ranch experience. I remain in awe of our supporters, the divine grace, and the miracles that make it possible for this place to give people an experience that combines four ingredients that only rarely come together in simultaneous combination elsewhere... READ MORE

Let’s Keep Feathered Pipe Thriving Together

Sitting here at the Ranch, a haven for birds, deer, rabbits, all the humming insects, the shimmering aspens, the fish in the pond, I am moved and inspired by the intense interaction with nature that draws people here and nourishes them so deeply. I also feel the breadth and strength of the Feathered Pipe community. READ MORE

Feathered Pipe Magic: Summer Retreat Scholarships Available

We had just finished dinner this evening after a sudden wind and rainstorm swept across what was azure blue sky and bright yellow sun. Stepping out onto the damp, green lawn we looked up to see the most vivid double rainbow encircling the the main lodge and the verdant hills behind. READ MORE

Ranch Sacred Space, Our Shared Healing Grace – India Supera

During the last three weeks, I feel like I watched every blade of grass turn green. Yesterday started with 80-degree weather, transitioned into a hail storm, and then a hard rain came and turned back to sunshine. It all reminded me of why I live in Montana. READ MORE

Celebrating Life’s Magic

It matters that we help each other to wake up. That we stop taking the ongoing revelation of what’s valuable and embraceable for granted. This life event is a miracle worthy of much fuller attention than we give it. Unconsciousness — whether my own or anyone else’s — is bothering me more than it used to because it nudges us to normalize the intolerable. READ MORE

The Blessing of Montana – India Supera

When we began offering yoga programs 42 years ago, people would ask us what we raised at the Ranch and we’d answer “eyebrows,” yoga being so unusual in Montana back in 1975. Even so, Montanans, used to the unusual, always accepted us! Where else could the Feathered Pipe Ranch succeed as well as it does in this land of such variety – prehistoric cave at the Blacktail Ranch, the Dutch Dinner, Ice Caves at Pryor, the Crystal Park on Wise River, the many, many hot springs and on and on? READ MORE

Our Love’s Labor, Your Gift to Yourself

“If you do a job that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” We’re doing jobs we love here at Feathered Pipe and it’s got us mighty busy “not working” to ensure we’re set to welcome you home to the Ranch in 2017. As the East Coast finishes digging out from the latest blizzard, back in Montana our hearts, hands, and days are filled with dreams of and preparation for the arrival of old and new friends alike. READ MORE

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