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Feathered Pipe - Silence, Nature & CommunityDearest All,

I sit here in the midst of an afternoon of multi-tasking still coming down from the onslaught of non-stop news during this past US election. Regardless of one’s stance, this side, that side, or indifferent, I cannot imagine anyone not feeling at least a bit pummeled, or at least exhausted, in its aftermath. It makes apparent the essential value of silence, nature, and resonance within community.

I tend to drift with music while I work — an endless, shuffling mix of anything and everything — and a field recording of woodland birds started to play. It brought an unexpected and much needed sense of well-being, peace, and joy to my mind and spirit, so much so that I felt washed clean. I share with anyone who might need it right now this gift of song from our wondrous natural world.

It reminded me of my first morning waking in a tipi at the Ranch back in the 90s up in Sai Baba meadow, which at the time was a well-sculpted forest-garden of evergreens. I was in complete awe, transfixed by the cathedral of birdsongs, birds of every sort, welcoming the day. To me they seemed to be almost urging it forth like the goddess Ushas in Vedic hymns coaxing the god Surya to rise and follow her, bringing forth the new day.

Feathered Pipe - Seva YogaWe can forget in the midst of all the noise, static, and unending busy-ness the true value of time, space, and place this world offers us for respite and rejuvenation. Those of you who found your way to the Ranch for the first time this past summer affirmed the Ranch’s unique magic for healing and awakening even the most burdened and tired spirit (veterans article here). And to those familiar faces that we welcome back as family year after year, you reaffirm that there is a need and a place in the world for what India and a bunch of ‘just crazy enough’ friends dreamed up so long ago.

I would ask each and every one of you who have been to the Ranch over the years — as teacher, student, wandering soul, or simply took a ‘good chance’ and ventured to the middle of nowhere — take a minute of pause. Recall the fragrance of the morning pines, the unburdened silence of the Big Sky starry night, the joyful song and conversation of the birds, the limitless experience of a sunset over the Continental Divide, and all the spaciousness that invites you to be, simply be.


The Ranch is here for you.

Please consider registering for one of our soul-nurturing 2019 summer programs. Registering now ensures that you will have a spot with the accommodation of your choice in programs that are filling already. Some of our programs are already well over half full. AND if you register and pay in full before Thanksgiving, November 22, you will save $100. Bring a friend new to the Ranch and you each save an additional $100!

We look forward to welcoming you all home next summer. In the meantime, please keep the faith, do good work, and stay close and share what truly inspires you to live.


Eric D Myers,
Feathered Pipe Foundation

P.S. Our fall fundraising campaign continues with wonderful Feathered Pipe premiums available for the holiday season. Your contribution enables our Foundation staff to continue the important work throughout the winter and spring in preparation for another unforgettable retreat season next summer.


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