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For more than 25 years the Feathered Pipe Foundation has partnered with Montana organizations in offering free retreat and support for men, women & partners struggling with the disease.

These retreats are empowering and unifying events that enable the participants to experience support from their peers and receive information and education from health care professionals concerning treatment issues, sexual health, mental health, nutrition, self-esteem, body image, the impact of drugs and alcohol, and more.


Woman Power: Retreat for Positive Women

As part of our pro bono work, the Feathered Pipe Foundation has long supported the Lewis and Clark County AIDS Project‘s annual Women Power Retreat. This week-long healing retreat offers a chance for women from small communities to come together, share their stories and experiences, get support from their peers and receive information and education from health care professionals. This week has been a powerful influence on many – several women have themselves gone on to become activists for HIV positive women.

The mission of Woman Power is to provide a confidential and nurturing atmosphere in which HIV-positive women can share experiences from community, lay down burdens, and gain skills and information to better take charge of their lives.

Lewis and Clark AIDS Project
PO Box 832
Helena MT 59624
(406) 457-8952


Rising Hope: HIV+ & Partners Retreat

A weekend getaway where participants share their experience and learn about ways to live with HIV+/AIDS. This retreat is open to both men and women living with HIV+/AIDS and their partners. HIV+ individuals without a partner or wishing to attend on their own are also welcomed. Partners can be a family member, spouse (HIV negative or positive), care provider, friend, or anyone else that helps someone living with HIV+/AIDS.


HIV+ Men’s Retreat

This weekend retreat includes various workshops addressing issues/concerns related to gay/bisexual men living with HIV+/AIDS. This is a weekend of healing, wellness and self care for HIV+ gay/bisexual men. Retreat topics include, but are not limited to, treatment issues, sexual health, mental health, nutrition, self esteem, body image, and impact of drugs / alcohol. Participants travel from all parts of Montana and each year describe the retreat as one of the most important events that helps them maintain their health.

For more information contact:

David Herrera
FDH & Associates
(406) 829-8075

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