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Dear Feathered Pipe Friends,

Do you love a sacred story?

I was blessed to spend an afternoon last week with a group of yoga teacher trainees dissecting the story of the great Hindu epic, the Ramayana.  It’s by far my favorite sacred story – so packed with metaphors mirroring the obstacles we each tumble and stumble through on the conscious path.

Meanwhile, every year now for a decade, with summer around the corner and the Feathered Pipe summer season close at hand? I daydream – and night-dream – about the Ranch.  Sometimes our souls shift into overdrive to light the way.  In the weeks leading up to the special storytelling afternoon, a tapestry of Ramayana characters and plot lines wove in full Technicolor splendor into my Feathered Pipe-dreamscape.

In the Ramayana, the monkey-god Hanuman, powered by blind faith and devotion to dharma, leaps across a vast ocean to reassure the lost devotee that reunion with her beloved was at hand. In my dream, a monkey with supernatural strength and considerable moxie stood grinning in the middle of the Ranch lawn while a stream of people lined up for face time with the furry fellow.

Some arrived only a tad weary; others bore tired and discouraged hearts. Each received the blessing of a warm, comforting, super-sized hug from the cheeky monkey.  After their darshan with the Son of the Wind, they wandered in the green grass in awe of their freshly illuminated hearts.  Did I mention that after the monkey hug, each heart began radiating and vibrating with brilliant, visible, effulgent light?

Yes, it was a super-cool dream.

Come nightfall, a big beautiful tribe of people with flashlight hearts reclined on the soft grass under Montana big sky starlight.  And for a little while, the world glowed from all that earth and sky love light.

Come exactly as you are, however you are, this summer to Feathered Pipe.  Whether you arrive busting with vigor or tuckered out from the demands and challenges of your busy life, come.  Take a time out.

Claim your hug and stoke your glow. And then?  Take your compassion and light out into the world.  Whether you’ve never been to the Ranch or are coming back for your third or the thirtieth time, the Ranch is part of your sacred story too. I dare to make such a bold claim because the monkey-man showed me it’s so!

Many of our summer retreats are filled to the brim, but there are still spots in some of our early-season offerings. There’s space in Cora Wen’s Harnessing the Wind: Riding the Waves in the “Sea of Chi”, 28 June – 4 July, and a handful of spots are left in Baxter Bell and Melina Meza’s The Whole Enchilada: Practical Yoga Therapeutics, Ayurveda, and Nutrition.

With love all of the time,

Anne Jablonski
Feathered Pipe Board President


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