Retreat Name: Wild Feminine Retreat: Yoga, Ceremony & Personal Rejuvenation
Date Of Retreat: 29 May 2024 to 1 Jun 2024
Location: Feathered Pipe Ranch
Required Deposit Amount: $500/per person

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Your Details

  • Please Note: Your accommodation choice is subject to availability and occasionally there may be prior booking of desired choice. Upon completion of online registration we will contact you to confirm your lodging preference and accordingly confirm or adjust choice and cost.

Number of People:

Accommodation Preference

Main Lodge

The main lodge has the character of western luxury of the last century with a huge, wood-beamed main hall and library with four adjoining spacious bedrooms. Each room sleeps three or four and has its own bathroom.


Tent accommodations are hidden amidst the trees for those who truly want solitude to “rough it,” the comfortable Feathered Pipe way.
*This accommodation has no electricity or water.


Our tipi dwellers love falling to sleep on elevated cots inside toasty sleeping bags while gazing at the myriad sparkling stars spread across the crystal clear night sky and waking to a cathedral of bird songs welcoming in the new day.
*This accommodation has no electricity or water.

Deluxe Wall Tents

Our lovingly-appointed wall tents are more than just a great shelter for getting a good night’s sleep — they’re unique, roomy outdoor living spaces that offer a relaxing oasis for savoring fresh air and solitude.
*This accommodation has no electricity or water.


The most requested lodging at the Feathered Pipe Ranch is our yurt accommodations, and for good reason. With large, glass domes located at the center of the lattice-supported, canvas ceiling, brilliant, warm sunlight pours in during the day and offers a breathtaking view of the starry sky at night.
*This accommodation has no electricity or water.

Sai Condo

Sai Condo is nestled still farther back in the tall pines with a large floor to ceiling wall of windows and room for three. Both the Honeymoon Cabin and Sai Condo have heat, but Sai Condo lodgers will need to toddle off on a short walk to the beautiful bathhouse for restroom and shower facilities.
*This accommodation has no electricity or water.

Ranch Chalet

The chalet offers spectacular views of the Ranch overlooking the lake and the northern Rocky Mountains stretching beyond. Rooms have been hand crafted with wood flooring, abundant soft lighting, wood-chinked, outer walls and baseboard heat.

Honeymoon Cabin

Up in the forest beyond Teachers’ Cabin, two more cabins are available for those who like being still more intimate to nature. The Honeymoon Cabin offers a rustic ambiance with a front porch and room for two with a private bathroom.

Teachers Cabin

Teachers Cabin is nestled in the trees next to a small brook near the bathhouse. It has a shared kitchenette with two one-bedroom apartments complete with living room and private bathroom. Ceiling fans, baseboard heat and huge comfy queen-size beds assures your comfort in all types of weather.


Your Billing Details

Item Cost
Program Tuition $1495
Accommodation Upgrade $0
Shuttle Service (complimentary – free for all Feathered Pipe Ranch programs)
Montana Lodging Usage Tax $25
Number of People 1
Total $
Please Note: ONLY the defined deposit is due at the time of registration. The total cost defined is dependent upon accommodation availability and eligibility for discounts. Our office staff will contact you within two business days to finalize registration, confirm accommodation choice, and determine discount eligibility. The remaining balance is due 8 weeks before program start day and may be paid in single or multiple installments.
REQUIRED: It is required that you click the “yes” box after reading each policy before you will be able to complete registration.

I recognize that the Feathered Pipe Foundation hosted program in which I will participate may require physical exertion that may be strenuous, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. If I do not feel I have enough information about the risks and hazards, I will request additional information from the Feathered Pipe Foundation and I will make efforts to learn of the health risks of this type of program. I am aware that Feathered Pipe Foundation is not staffed or equipped to provide medical advice about such risks, or to provide medical care, treatment, or diagnosis to any program participants. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in the program. I represent and warrant that I am physically able to participate and have no medical condition that could prevent my full participation in a program. I understand that Feathered Pipe Foundation does not provide any medical or health screening of participants, instead relying on the good faith of participants like myself to cooperate as described in this agreement to help keep all of us safe and healthy.

I acknowledge that I am aware of the current pandemic risks and the possibility that I could contract an illness from being exposed to the virus from another person during the program, or while traveling to and from it, or while on activities or field trips. I also represent and warrant that FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS prior to the program that if I am diagnosed with, test positive for, or have any symptoms of having contracted a contagious illness, including but not limited to COVID-19, that I will contact the Feathered Pipe Foundation office and cancel my attendance of the program. (See Cancellation Policy for cancellation/refund options.)

KNOWING THE POTENTIAL RISKS INVOLVED in participating in a Feathered Pipe Foundation hosted program, I attest that I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of the risks involved.

ALL REGISTRANTS intending to participate in a Feathered Pipe retreat program during the 2024 season are recommended, but not required, to have a negative COVID-19 test (antigen or PCR), taken within 48 hours prior to your program’s start date. Upon arrival at the airport, all guests must inform Feathered Pipe staff if they are in any way feeling ill. Wearing of masks is not required during transport to the Ranch but strongly recommended as a precaution after travel via public/air transport.

Wearing of masks is not required, but respectful social distancing should be observed as necessary. Meals are self-service buffet with all guests asked to wash/sanitize hands before getting food. Only staff is allowed in the kitchen at any time.

The program presenter/teacher will define safety protocols during classes. It is suggested that all guests bring their own personal yoga mat, but not compulsory. The Feathered Pipe Ranch will have a UV mat sanitizer available for use. The presenter/teacher may ask program participants to clear props, blankets, and mats to allow staff to clean/sanitize the entire room.

If a participant becomes ill during a program, the participant must immediately inform staff. They will be provided with a COVID-19 self-test. If they test positive, they can stay in a quarantine accommodation on the Feathered Pipe Ranch grounds for the duration of program. If quarantine is necessary after the end date of the program, Feathered Pipe Foundation will assist in locating a suitable accommodation in Helena, with the program participant solely responsible for any ensuing housing, medical, or travel delay/change/cancellation costs.

Please note that Feathered Pipe Foundation’s cancellation policy applies to all cancellation requests regardless of reason, including COVID-19, other illnesses, injuries, and changes in personal circumstances. For these reasons, we STRONGLY URGE program participants purchase travel insurance.

Please note: Protocols are subject to change based on recommendations from CDC and/or local public health departments.

A $500 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED to hold your space at a Feathered Pipe Foundation hosted retreat at the Feathered Pipe Ranch. After two business days or upon our office contacting you and completing registration, whichever comes first, the deposit becomes NON-REFUNDABLE.

CANCELLATION BY REGISTRANT: For Feathered Pipe Foundation hosted retreats, final payment is due 8 weeks from the beginning date of program. For cancellations by the registrant more than 8 weeks from the beginning date of program, THE DEPOSIT is NON-REFUNDABLE (but transferrable to another person for any Feathered Pipe Foundation hosted program within one year if preferred), but any payment beyond the deposit will be REFUNDED. For cancellations by the registrant 8 weeks or less from the beginning date of the program DEPOSIT AND PAYMENTS will be NON-REFUNDABLE (but transferrable to another person for the same program if preferred).

All cancellations must be received in writing by email at registrations@featheredpipe.com or by mail to Feathered Pipe Foundation, P.O. Box 1682, Helena, MT 59624. Cancellations will be considered effective on the day they are emailed or, if sent by regular mail, three days after they are mailed. Refunds, if available and/or applicable, will be remitted within 30 days.

CANCELLATION BY FEATHERED PIPE FOUNDATION: In the event that the program has to be cancelled or postponed to a later date by Feathered Pipe Foundation for any reason, Feathered Pipe Foundation will transfer your registration and deposits/payments made to the rescheduled program, or any other future Feathered Pipe Foundation hosted program, limited to one year from the date of cancelled program. For cancelled programs that have a rescheduled date defined, Feathered Pipe Foundation will refund payments beyond the deposit if desired. For cancelled programs that have no rescheduled date, Feathered Pipe Foundation will refund all program deposits/payments if desired.

TRAVEL INSURANCE RECOMMENDED: In the event of cancellation at any time, for any reason, and by any party, the Feathered Pipe Foundation WILL NOT be held responsible for refund of airline tickets, ticket change fees or other travel expenses. For these reasons we STRONGLY URGE that you purchase travel insurance to protect your investment.