Feathered Pipe Magic: Summer Retreat Scholarships Available

Dear Friends,

We had just finished dinner this evening after a sudden wind and rainstorm swept across what was azure blue sky and bright yellow sun. Stepping out onto the damp, green lawn we looked up to see the most vivid double rainbow encircling the the main lodge and the verdant hills behind.

Exclamations of awe and almost disbelief from our group of childlike, dancing yogis, “What is this place?!!” What an ending to the most perfect day here at the Ranch and ease-filled prayers of gratitude that tomorrow will as well unfold uniquely perfect for our first group of the season, Routed Connections.

Our annually-returning pair of mallards are on the lake feeding and nesting, sure to reveal a new family of ducklings in tow soon. And on the way back from the airport, we were able to stop on Colorado Gulch Road and observe our local pair of nesting bald eagles perched and swooping down from their large tree house-like nest.

We are so excited to share the magic of this land with you. The Ranch moves on it own time clock with the minutes, hours and days slowing to a crawl. Surrounded by forests in every direction, nature cradles like a mother’s soothing arms — “Breath deep, let your worries go, and remember who you really are.”

Feathered Pipe Scholarships Available

In order to encourage and facilitate more of you coming and sharing the magic, we are offering scholarships for a number of our programs. We are offering partial scholarships for the following retreats:

3 for J Brown’s “Gentle is the New Advanced: The Quiet Yoga Revolution

2 for Baxter Bell & Melina Meza’s “Yoga Evolution: Grow & Evolve Your Personal Practice

3 for Gernot Huber’s “The Serenity of Full Awareness: Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy, and the Breath

3 for Itzhak Beery’s “The Andes & Amazon Healing Power: Wisdom Teaching and Techniques for Our Times

3 for Feathered Pipe’s homegrown “The Mindful Unplug: A Retreat for All the Senses

For those having real financial need and a desire to participate in any one of these incredible week-long programs, please fill out the scholarship application located at the bottom of this linked page here. All applications will be reviewed, and we will accordingly contact the applicants that are awarded scholarships.

India’s Podcast Interview with J Brown

India was honored to be interviewed by J Brown for his weekly podcast series this last week. The joy-filled interview spanned from her early childhood to her wild adventures to and in India, and how she came to own the Feathered Pipe Ranch and begin the magical work of the Foundation that has gone on now for 42 years and counting. Take an hour and enjoy the listen here.

Hope to see you this summer!

Faith & Blessings,
Feathered Pipe Foundation



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