Celebration of the Elements: A Transformational Retreat

Laura Bushnell
August 28 - September 3, 2016
Feathered Pipe Ranch



Laura Bushnell, a sacred vessel for the Divine Mother, invites you to join her to immerse yourself in nature for a transformational retreat. Learn how to connect and communicate with the basic structural elements of life – Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each day, there will be an exploration of one of the elements along with yoga, a teaching, ritual, prayer and advanced sound experiences enhanced by the presence of Gaia and the Divine Mother energies. It will be a time to connect to the divine blueprint and expand your light field. Come to feel your bones, heal with your ancestors, precipitate change, listen to the whispers and engage the spark of courage.

On Earth Day, you will begin your day connecting with your beautiful body through stretching and yoga. You will hike in the wilderness, dance and learn about crystals and stones.

On Air Day, you will learn from the Divine Mother how to quiet your mind and explore the spaciousness of the Big Sky while resting in an open lawn in the shade of Cottonwood trees, quaking Aspens and fragrant pine. You will feel the wind and receive the messages from the birds and flying insects. Breathplay and singing will facilitate finding the song in your heart.

On Water Day you will explore the flow of your emotions alongside ambling brooks fed by pure mountain springs. Utilize past life regression to release ancestral patterns and clear out your emotional body. Participants will make energized water and tonics out of crystals to accelerate the healing process.

On Fire Day you will connect with your spiritual nature and learn to call in your angels. Experience a sound bath to enter a state of deep meditation, opening up the higher chakras. The group will build a fire and do ceremony to burn away the past and bask in the warmth of the sun.

This is a call to a higher calling… participants will bring a piece of the retreat with them. You will be the co-creators of this magical time together. In Montana there is so much space and sky that you have an opportunity to explore yourself away from the city, away from the traffic. Give yourself the gift of this time to get away and take a breath. Explore the waters of change and float in the river of possibilities within. Allow the Divine Mother to share with you the magnificence of who you truly are. Share your gifts and fire up your spirit!

Activities include:




Past Life Regression

_DSC2531_400px Tarot and Personal Symbols

Sound Baths with Planetary Gongs and Crystal Bowls


Sauna/Hot Tub

Ceremony & Ritual

Meditation (both guided and silent)

Experience the Voice of Gaia & the Elementals

Light Language

Singing & Chanting

Learn about crystals and how to make tonics

Channeling from the Divine Mother

Additional services available:

Private Sessions with Laura


John of God Crystal Bed Sessions

About Laura Bushnell:

laura_bushnell_200pxLaura Bushnell is a pioneer in personal growth and spirituality. Her work as a spiritual guide and channel of light has taken her all over the world. She has been featured in many top magazines. Over the course of her 40-year career, Laura has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, entertainers, professional athletes, Young President’s Organizations and non-profits as well as thousands of private clients. She offers practical spiritual advice via phone, Skype and in person. She also offers Private Intensives, Ceremonial Cleansing and Celebrations. She is the author of Life Magic, You Are a Rose and The Gift (Molly Rose Series, Book 1). She has a deep connection to the Divine Mother and carries holy relics of the feminine saints for prayer and veneration.

LEARN MORE ABOUT LAURA BUSHNELL: www.laurabushnell.com


Pricing & Registration


Big Sky_325pxProgram Tuition & Basic Accommodations: $1875

Basic Accommodations are shared room Main Lodge, Yurt, Sai Condo or single Tipi/Tent, and include meals and use of all amenities – our bathhouse, sauna, hot tub, as well as all the Feathered Pipe Ranch facilities and grounds.


Full description of accommodations options: Click here

For more information, visit our FAQ page, contact Joy at joy@laurabushnell.com, or call (323) 654-9010.

Thanks and look forward to seeing you!


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