The Heart of Yoga: Caring for Yourself and Others

Mark Whitwell - Heart of Yoga

Mark Whitwell & Rosalind Atkinson
July 5 - 11, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch




Program Tuition & Basic Accommodations: $1995

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In a world full of commodified “yoga” and the proliferation of brands and styles, how do we make sure we keep the heart in Yoga? How do we practice and teach in ways that respect and recognize each individual as the unique expression of life that they are? What are the practical tools that can help us feel our own intrinsic joy, freedom, and authority, and share this?

Feathered Pipe Ranch - Montana NatureInvestigate these questions in the good company of Mark Whitwell, who has been teaching ‘capital Y Yoga’ around the world for nearly five decades. Learn the very simple principles of breath, movement and bandha that are so often missed out in physical-attainment focused modern Yoga. Learn how there is a right Yoga for every person, no matter what your age, body type, health, or cultural background. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. And not just do Yoga, but enjoy it, as the pure pleasure of whole-body prayer to Life.

It is wonderful to spend time in sublime natural settings like the Feathered Pipe Ranch, but what about when we go home? Our bodies ARE the wild of mother nature, and it is our birthright to be able to be immersed in this nurturing force no matter where we are. Yoga is our daily participation in our own precious ecology.

Learn more about Mark Whitwell through his profound interview on J. Brown “Yoga Talks.”

What You’ll Receive
Your own personalized and accessible practice that you can practice at home
The basic principles of Yoga taught by Krishnamacharya, ‘teacher of the teachers’, that will make your yoga efficient, powerful, and safe
Asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, bandha and chanting… without struggle to attain something or become something amazing, as if you are not already something amazing.
Release of old patterns and emotions
Empowerment to share yoga from your own experience, not from knowledge alone
Immersion in the nurturing force that is all of our lives and daily practice to participate in this
Reconnection with the essence of Yoga, and freedom from any reactivity to the commercialized yoga circus



Mark Whitwell - Hatha Yoga“Mark’s presentation of the yoga of Krishnamacharya as modified by the Krishnamurthis is like a sharp knife cutting through a dense mound of bullshit, and what remains is compelling in its simplicity and its humanity.”

~ Galen Tromble, founder of Climate Yogi

“Studying with mark was truly life changing. I love the teachings and I have fallen in love with my inhale and my exhale and the whole beauty of the realization that we don’t have to detach but to participate in life as it is – person to person, nature, the universe.”

~ Pamela Esty, USA

“After reading mark’s book “yoga of heart” and attending his course, it all clicked. Yoga isn’t a philosophy. It isn’t a religion. It isn’t a cult. It’s instead something that accepts all people, all religions and connects us. Mark pointed out how most ancient religions incorporate yoga asanas. I had never thought of this & then I thought about the movements in catholic mass, Muslim prayer, etc. They all had this common thread. What a relief! I wish I could have told my mom about this as I always had to hide yoga from her (she was really extreme in her beliefs). I no longer feel guilty. And I dedicate each practice to her. A huge thank you!!! Mark. Even my friends and spouse has noticed the difference.”

~ Jeanine Savy, USA

“I had been teaching vinyasa yoga, overlaid with my own study of Desikachar and Mohan so integrating the principles mark brings through felt very natural and was a sort of ‘missing link’. I have had a daily practise for the past 5 or 6 years and one of several pleasures I received from mark has been to experience the use of the bandhas as an inherent part of my practise rather than something practised almost separately as part of pranayama. Mark’s explanation about bandhas made complete sense and unity out of a disparate bunch of things in my head. The profound simplicity of what he says has resonated deeply and has changed my approach to yoga and how I share it with others. Thank you, Mark!”

~ Susan Yorke

“Over 10 years ago I encountered this incredible being, with his humor and gentle ways, scholarly and direct expertise and love of humanity, appreciation for the natural way of embodiment and breath. His wisdom changed my asana and overall approach to life. Read his work if you can and if you are at all interested in yoga, sit with him. It’s my joy to call Mark Whitwell a friend.”

~Christine Marie Mason

Summer Vacation Tip! Extend your time in peace and beauty while savoring Western hospitality by spending some time exploring the great West’s National Park treasures either before or after your retreat with Mark and Rosalind at the Ranch. Glacier National Park is a glorious and scenic 3.5-hour drive north and west of Feathered Pipe, while Yellowstone is just a 4.5 hour drive south and east of the Ranch through some of the prettiest Western territory you’ll ever see.



Mark Whitwell - T.K.V. DesikacharA true elder of Yoga, Mark Whitwell first met his teachers T. Krishnamacharya and his son T.K.V. Desikachar in India in 1973. Realizing the importance of their scholarship, Mark committed his life to furthering their communication, in particular that there is a right Yoga for each and every person, no matter who that person is. Mark teaches across five continents and is loved around the world for his humorful, kind, practical and direct transmission of the great tradition, making ancient wisdom relevant to modern times and keeping the Heart in Yoga. He is the founder of the Heart of Yoga Foundation, bringing Yoga to troubled regions including the Middle East, and was the editor and contributor to Desikachar’s classic, The Heart of Yoga. His own books include Yoga of Heart, The Promise, the Hridayayogasutra and God and Sex: Now We Get Both.

Learn more about Mark:



Rosalind Atkinson - KrishnamacharyaRosalind Atkinson works alongside Mark around the world. She is a scholar of mystic poetry and has presented around the world and contributed to academic and general publications on poet William Blake. After careers including a costume designer on the Hobbit films, a youth worker on tall ships, and an environmental activist, including on the Rainbow Warrior, Rosalind realized we need to learn how to honor nature in our own forms before we can care about it in other forms, and that Yoga truly is the first act of ecology. She has been a student of Vedanta and Yoga for many years, and is happy to have freed these explorations from the socially indoctrinated struggle toward a future result.



Feathered Pipe - Heart of YogaProgram Tuition & Basic Accommodations: $1995

*Invite a friend(s) new to the Feathered Pipe and you both save $100!


Basic Accommodations are shared room Main Lodge, Yurt, Sai Condo or single Tipi/Regular Tent, and include meals and use of all amenities – our bathhouse, sauna, hot tub, as well as all the Feathered Pipe Ranch facilities and grounds.

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