Embodied Movement Therapy for Healing: Trauma-Informed Dance, Yoga, & Ceremony to Thrive

Embodied Movement Therapy for Healing: Trauma-Informed Dance, Yoga, & Ceremony to Thrive

Caitlin McWilliams & Jamie Anesi
September 20 - 25, 2020
Feathered Pipe Ranch




Program Tuition & Basic Accommodations: $1450

Register and pay in full and save $50 with an early bird discount until January 31st!

Join Jamie Anesi and Caitlin McWilliams during Fall Equinox and the New Moon for 5 nights and 6 days of a deeply healing retreat rooted in embodied movement therapy and somatic healing!

Embodied Movement Therapy For Healing: Trauma-Informed Dance, Yoga, & Ceremony To ThriveIf you suffer from recurring stress and/or have experienced trauma, this retreat is here to help you feel more grounded, self-regulated and hopeful. Using the lens of curiosity variability, spaciousness, play and compassion, as well as a wide variety of experiential and cutting-edge embodied tools, you will have a chance to restore balance to your body, mind and spirit. We will use movement therapy, yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic rituals, chakra support, dharma talks, creative writing therapy, nervous system education, nature based ceremonies and somatic healing therapies to make safe space for the nervous system to settle, unwind and eventually function from a place of personal rhythm, not fear.  With this as our foundation, we will start to experience an expansiveness, a curiosity and even bring back experiences of pleasure, joy and play into our lives.

All of this takes place in the sacred, mountain landscape of The Feathered Pipe Ranch. During our time together, there will also be time for you to explore a magical spring-fed lake, meditative gardens, take scenic hiking trails, have a healing bodywork session, relax with a bonfire under the big Montana sky and eat delicious organic, wholesome meals. and beautiful surroundings wrapping itself around us to support this unwinding.


Embodied Movement Therapy for Healing: Trauma RecoverySo what is trauma and why would a retreat that is offering trauma-informed practices be the right fit for you?  That experience of being separate from yourself, deep fatigue not connected to hours of sleep, extreme highs and lows, or that numb feeling of the world being a little more muted than before – these are all ways that we know we are in nervous systems that feel unsafe.

This may be due to a singular event that shook you to your core or maybe it’s a series of smaller events that have robbed you of a sense of autonomy.  Maybe you know exactly what is your trauma, maybe you have no idea but you feel less alive in your own life.  It is less about defining the trauma and more about seeing the impact it has on our ability to show up in our lives.  Our beings have evolved past our nervous systems and sometimes that means the energy of our trauma(s) get caught in our bodies and nervous system. This can show up as a variety of manifestations of dis-ease, including but not limited to; anxiety, insomnia, migraines, digestion issues, feeling disconnected or numb, depression, hyper-vigilance, chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog and addiction.


Embodied Movement Therapy For Healing: Trauma-Informed Dance, Yoga, & Ceremony To ThriveThis 6-day retreat is an excellent and powerful opportunity to slow down and take time out from the business of life to focus on our own personal transformation and growth. This specialized retreat will offer you:

Daily Yoga and meditation practices
Daily Movement Therapy
Accessible Dance
1 Individual session with either Jamie or Caitlin
Exploration of the nervous system, neuroscience, koshas, Ayurvedic medicine and chakra systems as ways to heal trauma patterns in the nervous system.
Intention setting
Dharma Talks
Art materials for writing and drawing
Fostered Community
3 wholesome meals per day
Earth-Based Ceremonies
Full access to all amenities- bathhouse, sauna and hot tub and Feathered Pipe Grounds!

Embodied Movement Therapy For Healing: Trauma-Informed Dance, Yoga, & Ceremony To ThriveAll of the practices during this retreat will center around trauma recovery and somatic healing, creating a space of felt safety in one’s own body and increased self-awareness of body sensation, thoughts and feelings to promote positive change. Embodied movement therapy assists in integrating the verbal and non-verbal experience as well as developing  skills to self-regulate the nervous system. In Embodied Movement Therapy, we allow the body to have a voice, serving as a tool to higher awareness, a way to access buried feelings, emotions and memories in a safe, holistic way, freeing a person from old patterns and energy blocks. Session may include breathing awareness, a variety of movement forms, eclectic mix of music, boundary work, visual guidance, meditation and mindfulness of body sensations. These methods increase awareness of emotional and physical boundaries, decrease anxiety and depression and relieve symptoms of PTSD and other trauma-related health problems. The purpose of this approach is to leave a person with a deeper connection to oneself and the world.

The Embodied Yoga that Caitlin will be leading starts with an awareness of creating a safe, sensitive space in which students can learn nervous system regulation skills through movement, gentle tracking of sensations in the body, mindfulness techniques and play.  Her Yoga session are crafted with the intention to increase capacity in our personal nervous systems. So many of us operate with nervous systems frozen or in high alert. Let’s tend to that with rooted movements, mudras, mantras but most importantly, a chance to cultivate a sense of safety in our own beings.  We do this by creating a greater awareness of your own internal inner resources and gentle attention to body sensations. This form of yoga helps in the cultivation of compassion, empowerment, and connection while also developing witness consciousness.

Embodied Movement Therapy For Healing: PTSD HealingThe Movement and Dance Therapy that Jamie leads plays with possibilities of felt sense such as how might your life shift if you could begin to see yourself as capable, as strong, as gentle, as beautiful, as enough?  What would happen if you took the time to feel the connection between loving thoughts and the body’s reaction to positive self-talk and acceptance? In these sessions, we explore questions like these as well as the inner world through movement, intention, guided meditation and imagination, play, breath and dance. During this class, we will gently explore opening our hearts, minds and bodies through different movement forms, powerful music,  and inner wisdom.


Embodied Movement Therapy For Healing - PTSD Healing“I first attended a self-care retreat with Jamie and Caitlin about 9 months after my father passed away. I was struggling to handle my grief and get back into my body. That retreat and each one after has truly shaped my perspective on my ability to heal, on what I have to offer both myself and the outward world and has brought me to a level of peace I had previously thought impossible. ”

“These ladies not only guide you through what it looks like to care for yourself but also how to truly love yourself.  They teach us how to take these loving acts out into the universe as we continue our earth walk.  The way they connect us to each other it creates a bond beyond words.  I feel loved by each of these ladies in a profound way.”

“Jamie and Caitlin are masters at creating a safe and loving space for meaningful and lasting self-discovery. I relished reconnecting with my authentic self through movement, supported inquiry, play, and community. This is a rare and incredible opportunity for restoration and growth in a beautiful setting.

RETREAT TIP! Extend your time in peace and beauty while savoring Western hospitality by spending some time exploring the great West’s National Park treasures either before or after your week of Iyengar Yoga with Eve and Neta at the Ranch. Glacier National Park is a glorious and scenic 3.5-hour drive north and west of Feathered Pipe, while Yellowstone is just a 4.5 hour drive south and east of the Ranch through some of the prettiest Western territory you’ll ever see.


Caitlin McWilliams - Embodied Movement TherapyCaitlin McWilliams, MS, E-RYT, is an Embodied Yoga Therapist/Teacher and Co-Owner of The Lotus  in Helena MT, who uses the physical, intellectual and spiritual practice of yoga to process trauma, lift out of depression, and balance anxiety. She has practiced yoga for over 20 years and has spent the last decade teaching in studios throughout Washington DC, Denver, CO and now Helena, MT. She uses tools from Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage, LifeForce Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga and is currently in the process of getting her Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Certification. She offers Trauma-Informed Yoga Series, along with her weekly classes and working with clients on a one on one basis.Caitlin’s class style is an integrative practice that creates a sacred space to witness our natural rhythms by quieting the thinking mind through challenging, mindful and creative yoga tools. This combination of physical challenge, breath work, intention setting and tracking of the inner landscape leads us to inhabit our most whole selves fully in the moment.

Private sessions:

— Supporting the nervous system to find rest and safety using tools from Somatic Experiencing and Yoga
— Create a personalized yoga rituals for your mental wellness
— Ayurvedic Wellness information
— Chakras information and practices rooted in Yoga and movement
Yoga Nidra private sessions
Trauma Informed Embodied Yoga Class

Learn more about Caitlin at www.caitlinmcwilliams.com


Jamie Anesi - Somatic HealingJamie Anesi, licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) with a concentration in Grief, Loss and Trauma,  is a Transpersonal and Somatic Psychotherapist and Co-Owner of The Lotus in Helena MT.  She integrates mindfulness, self-acceptance, play and compassion with leading-edge trauma and grief tools such as EMDR, body-centered somatic modalities, sand tray therapy, waking dream therapy, writing therapy, journey work, earth-based sessions, meditation and movement therapy. Jamie has been in private practice as a LCPC for 15 years and has been teaching dance and movement therapy for over 17 years and OULA for over 10 years. Jamie’s intention is to bring more embodied compassion, curiosity, play  and a felt sense of safety into your journey of being human through integration of mind, body and spirit.

Private Sessions:

— Help processing experiences, memories, emotions, grief and trauma by utilizing the body, mind and spirit practices and helping the nervous system to find balance.
— Creating personalized ceremony for the phases and journey of your human life.
Grief, Loss, Trauma and Nervous System information and tools.
Exploring ways to transition into Fall and Winter using ceremony, writing and body based practices.
Chakra exploration
Creative writing private sessions
— Movement Therapy Class

Learn more about Jamie at www.jamieanesi.com


Embodied Movement Therapy For Healing: Somatic HealingProgram Tuition & Basic Accommodations: $1450

Register and pay in full and save $50 with an early bird discount until January 31st!


Lodging: First Come, First Serve. Single rooms will have an upgrade fee. Contact Jamie to set up your room at jamie@thelotushelena.com.

Additional lodging upgrade pricing: Click here

Full description of accommodations options: Click here

Registration deposit: A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to register. Full payment is due August 3rd before the start of the program.

Both checks and credit cards are accepted. Please note: Credit card payments will incur and additional fee (processed at check-out).

If paying by check, please mail them to:

The Lotus
Embodied Movement Therapy (in subject line)
PO Box 991 Helena, MT 59624

Your workshop will include:

 Indoor or outdoor accommodations (your choice)
 Nourishing yoga practice twice daily
— Delicious and lovingly prepared international cuisine
 Shuttle service from/to Helena Regional Airport on arrival/departure day
 Full access to the extensive and nurturing Feathered Pipe grounds (including the hot tub and sauna)

Not included:

 Bodywork & Massage
 Staff gratuities

Shuttle service: Starting in 2020, shuttle service from/to Helena Regional Airport on arrival/departure day will be complimentary (free) for all registered guests! Please note that if you are needing pick-up or drop-off on any other day, that there will be a $35 one-way charge.

Arrival and departure: Please plan to arrive at the Ranch no later than 3pm on the arrival day (Sunday, 20 September) of your retreat so you can join us for a tour of the grounds and group circle before dinner at 6:30pm and our group evening orientation following dinner. Please arrange to leave the Ranch in the morning or early afternoon of departure day (Friday, 25 September). Checkout is at 9am, and guests are welcome to stay at The Ranch until their flight leaves that day.

For more information about the Feathered Pipe Ranch, visit our FAQ page, contact us at info@featheredpipe.com.