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Corporate & Group Rentals at the Feathered Pipe Ranch

Are you looking for a place in today’s hyper-connected world where your group, organization, or business can drop down and get to the heart of the matter?

We invite you to join us at the Feathered Pipe Ranch, where we have been perfecting the art of creating the ideal retreat environment for more than 40 years. Tucked in the heart of the Montana Rockies and surrounded by miles of forested mountains, we offer a vibrant and peaceful oasis in which all distractions can dissolve away and the essence of the matter comes into clear focus.

Tucked among almost a million acres of national forestland, Feathered Pipe is the perfect spot to hold gatherings, meetings, conferences, and other group events. With beautiful gathering spaces, lovely lodging, and plenty of fresh air and space, your group will quickly appreciate the power and wonder of their time here.  Hiking, fishing, canoeing, and swimming are available as well.

Take Sanctuary

The Ranch is an excellent alternative to hotel convention centers for your business or organization’s meeting or offsite retreat. Our lodge’s main room and dining hall offer the lovely, light filled space and ambiance to inspire open discussion and collective brainstorming.

The pristine natural vistas and abundant wide-open space offer opportunities to play and roam.

Feathered Pipe is is also a great place for family gatherings, reunions, or weddings.

Indulge Your Senses

At the Feathered Pipe kitchen – the heart of the Ranch –  we strive to use whole, organic ingredients prepared with a commitment to health and well-being, attempting to locate locally grown and raised organic food sources as much as possible in order to play our part in building sustainable, healthy communities. Our kitchen can design a wide range of menus for your event or retreat, from authentic western fare to international ethnic cuisine, to gourmet vegetarian and vegan.

Our beautiful bath house gives your group access to a sparkling hot tub, a cedarwood sauna, and massage rooms.

On-site massage therapists and trained bodyworkers are available upon request to enhance the unwinding experience. Individual or group yoga instruction taught by certified teachers.

Group facilitation for businesses or organizations can be arranged with trained professionals proficient in various strategic planning, creative thinking methods, and individual or group leadership coaching sessions.

Explore the Way

The Feathered Pipe Ranch is open from mid-May through September. We divide our seasons into three parts:

— Early Season: Mid-May through June

— Main Season: July and August

— Late Season: September through Mid-October

Rates and availability for organization and group events vary depending on the dates. Main season rates start at $200 per person, per night, which includes all meals.

Please Note: Because the Feathered Pipe Foundation hosts its own programs during the main season, interested groups are encouraged to inquire a year in advance of their planned event.  During the Early and Late season, prices are lower and scheduling more flexible.

If you’re interested in more information, assistance in planning, or scheduling an event or retreat, contact us well in advance at or call (406) 422-5671.

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